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    I got a russian sks when i was 13 years old and now 14 years later I want to know more about it. I have done some research on the net and cannot find anything. It states on the gun russian sks-45 KBI, INC HBG, PA. and it also has several locations with the same number of cm 9115. I do know that KBI, INC is the company that imported the rifle located in harrisburg pa but other than that I have no clue about the gun. It also has a small diamond located on the stock with a D in the middle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Daniel
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    I own Yugo's and Chinese SKS rifle,there all pretty much the same as far as how they function and brake down for cleaning. There are subtle differences in appearance and some features from one country to another but all are based on the original Russian design. This sight will give you lots of info on the SKS rifles. Marking distinguish all kinds of things factory of production,if the rifle has been refurbished,some or just inspector marks and others are just a mystery.

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    Look on the receiver. You will find the date of manufacture and either a Star w/ an arrow inside(Tula) or a triangle w/ an arrow inside(Iszevsk). Pics of receiver and rifle would help.
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