Russian Mouser .308

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    Russian Mouser .308 help with ammo

    I have a friend who is sending me a free (+ shipping and transfer fees) new Russian Mouser .308/7.62 rifle.

    What ammo does this use? I'm so confused. Is it .308? 7.62x39? 7.62x54? 7.62x51? What do those designations mean?

    I assume the .308 is the diameter of the round in inches, but that converts to 7.82mm. So that doesn't make sense. And is the x39, x51 and x54 referring to load capacity?

    I like Phillips screwdrivers. You have size 0, 1 and 2. Can't they just make a #1 gun? What's up with all this?

    Can you tell I'm sort of new to all this?
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    Russians never made Mausers. In the U.S. we measure the lands, in some european countries and Russia, it is the grooves of the bore. 39, 51 is the case length. In the U.S. a 7.62x51 uses a .308 bullet, in Russia a 7.62x39 or 7.62x54r uses a .311.

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    A russian Mouser is just a Germen K98 that was captured during the second warld war. Most were chambered in 8x57mm or simply mm for short though there are some chambered in 7mm. I believe someone on the board has a 7mm mouser
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    The name is Mauser. These were captured German K98s that were run thru the arsenal, refurbed, overstamped, placed in war stock storage. An imported rifle (imported into the US) must be stamped with the caliber. ORIGINALLY 8mm Mauser caliber, MAY now be 7.62 NATO (close to, but not same as .308 Winchester) but READ what is marked on the rifle. If not marked, get a smith to check it, do a chamber casting if needed.