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    i have an old russian 7.62 war gun an about 1000 armour piercing rounds for it. the gun has a brand on the stock of it an below it has engraved into the stock the words A.M 6962 or some #s like that an was wondering if there was any way i would be able to find somewhere to look up those markings on the gun and find out when it was used and who it might have been issued to. i think those markings where the things they did to the guns for the people who got them in the war. it also has a couple of Russian markings on it that i dont understand, but does anyone know of a website that could give me info on the gun?
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    Look like this?

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    Link for you. Collecting and Shooting the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 - HISTORY

    As far as who it was issued to- originally Private Ivan Ivanovich, assigned to the 7th Godless Horde. (OK, just kidding)

    These rifles were made by the millions. The Soviets ran them back thru the arsenal after they had been replaced by the SKS and the AK, refurbished them, and put them in storage for the past 50 years. No way to tell who, or what unit had them. Somewhat ugly, fairly crude, good shooting rifles.

    There are also carbine versions of this rifle (shorter barrels)
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    0 another good site about those rifles.

    you probably won't find who it was issued to though.
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    The carbines are flame throwers. They put out a ball of fire that you can see in broad daylight. I have the long version. Very acurate rifle. I can hit targets at 500 yards with mine. I don't know how big the targets are. Someone else hung them up. I am too lazy to walk out there and see. They make a nice loud gong when you hit them though.