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Relates to the media firestorm and the slanderous and libelous claims made against high school students who were in the Washington D.C. area, where they were assaulted by various people and, true to form, much of the U.S. media publicly lambasted them for assumed behavior that was later proved utterly false.

Since then, at least one $250M lawsuit against media companies has been settled, and others are pending.

A documentary film has been made to cover the issues and show how "major" media failed in its duty and responsibility.

Rush To Judgement -- a documentary film.

Apparently completed, and was scheduled to debut at the Anthem Film Festival in Las Vegas, but its debut was postponed due to the COVID-19 mess.

Should be released later this year.

Not exactly about the RKBA, no. But it's about activism and legal aspects surrounding the defense of liberty against assaults from all quarters. Part of the same essential problem we're all facing with the RKBA, really. Libel, slander, financial attacks, death threats, farcical legal action against people who won't bend a knee, etc. If nothing else, this series of lawsuits and this documentary film showcase what can be done (at least in some cases) against such evil assaults against the rule of law and individuals who've done nothing wrong.
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