Ruger vs Browning (22 semi auto)

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Eileen, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Eileen

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    Hey, I've just started looking at .22 semi automatic pistols and I've been recommended two brands... Ruger and Browning.

    I've only just started pistol shooting so really all I want is something accurate and reliable to get me started. I've been assured that both of these brands will do the job but I was wondering if anyone on here could recommend one over the other? I'm leaning towards the Browning because I've been told they are almost indestructible... suggestions?
  2. Gojubrian

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    browning vote

    You really can't go wrong with either.

    I have a buckmark and I've shot thousands of rounds through it. It's very accurate and a fun pistol to shoot, great trigger too.


  3. yazul42

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    Ruger vs. Browning

    Eileen, another choice would be the Beretta Neo line of .22lr. pistols. My wife and I both have one and they shoot great. She likes the grip frame
    on the Beretta much better than the Ruger or Browning pieces.It fits her hand more comfortably. She even picked up a grip with blue inserts to personalize her gun. She shoots it very well and has alot of confidence with the Beretta. I personally think they are kind of homely, but I cannot argue how well they shoot. Just another option for you to consider. They come in different barrel lengths, finish, and grip frame options.

    Good shooting,
  4. stalkingbear

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    The Browning Buckmark is a great .22 pistol, very accurate and well built. In .22s, I'm a Ruger freak however. Yes they are difficult to field strip UNTIL you get somebody to walk you through the process. It's hard for me to imagine anything this side of a S&W model 41 to be as (or more) accurate than a Ruger however. I have a mk 2 slabside that groups under 1" groups AT 50 YARDS from the bench off bags. Both will be more accurate than you ever will be. The Browning will likely have a better trigger out of box & the Ruger has tons of aftermarket accs available. The bottom line is you're not going to go wrong with either-just be SURE to handle both & see which fits/points most naturally for you. Which feels better in YOUR hand? which grip/angle feels best? Handle them side by side if you can.
  5. Clem

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    I have several Ruger MK II & IIIs. I prefer them to the Brownings and others, but it is strictly a matter of personal preference. Try to at least handle any gun you are considering and pick the one that suits you.
  6. Eileen

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    OK thanks for the help guys. I think that I will go for the Browning Buck Mark. If the Browning is easier to strip down than a Ruger, for a beginner like me that would be quite welcome, and if the trigger is better straight out of the box then that's a plus as well.

    The Browning sounds like it's quality made. Has anyone had any problems with firing pins breaking or stuff like that?
  7. NGIB

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    You'll hear lots about Ruger's being tough to takedown and reassemble but it's just not true. The Buckmark on the other hand requires a tool to take apart as you must remove the rear sight base to break it down. If you follow the simple sequenced instructions, Rugers are a piece of cake.

    Much more aftermarket stuff available for Rugers as well and mags are cheaper. I had a Buckmark (very ammo picky), but now I have 2 Rugers...