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  1. zaitsev44

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    My uncle has a Ruger Vaquero in .357 and he wanted me to do some searching. He wanted me to find a gunsmith within 50 miles of him (Don't think that's far enough) that will replace the factory front sight (it's just a graduated fixed post) with a dovetail front sight to where he can put a modern front sight on, but keep the current rear sight. First off, is this possible without ruining the gun? He also said if a dovetail isn't possible by cutting into the barrel, then if a bar running from the top of the frame to the front sight and have a new sight mounted on it would be possible (I'm doubting this method)? I'm guessing Nashville, TN would be the absolute farthest he would want to go. Can I have some insight and suggestions please. All of it will be greatly appreciated!
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    I assume he's wanting this done because the POI is off?
    Vaquero's are intentionally made that way. Most people who shoot them reload so it's made with a little extra height so that it can be filled down to match up with your favorite load.

    I strongly suggest either doing this if that's the issue or just trading it in for a Blackhawk if modern sights is what he's after.

  3. Rick1967

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    I agree. I would try to trade it for something he wants before he hacks it up and ruins the value of the gun.
  4. clr8ter

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    If you find a "gunsmith", check REAL hard into him. I've noticed, at least around here, that most "gunsmith's" aren't. Especially when it involves cutting a gun, and other complicated things.
    Uhhh, is filing down a sight a good idea? If you go too far, or change loads in the future, you're screwed…..
  5. zaitsev44

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    He loves the gun, he just doesn't like the front sight. He's got it shooting as accurate as he can, he has filed down the front sight. I'll tell him that it pretty much isn't possible.
  6. nitestalker

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    Brownell's has 2 sizes of front sight blanks for the Ruger single action revolvers. I would consider "Cylinder and Slide" their handgun shop is the very best. They have a web page. :)
  7. string1946

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    Single Action Gunsmiths

    I agree with Cylinder and Slide. Its really pretty easy to ship the gun to a gunsmith so I wouldn't worry too much about finding one close by. Pick one and give them a call and talk about what can be done. It looks like John Gallagher in Jasper AL may be fairly close to you

    Alan Harton - 713-772-8314 or 713-907-6031

    14131 Diagonal Rd., La Grange, OH 44050
    (440) 458-4369, (440) 355-5618

    Ben Forkin - Forkin Custom Classics
    PO Box 444, 205 10th Ave SW White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645

    David Clements - Clements Custom Guns
    2766 Mt. Zion Rd.
    Woodlawn,Va 24381

    Dustin Linebaugh - Dustin Linebaugh Custom Conversions
    PO Box 263 Cody WY 82414

    Garry Reeder - Garry Reeder Custom Guns
    The Pistol Parlor 2601 E. 7th Ave. Flagstaff, AZ
    928-527-4100 / 928-526-3313

    Hamilton Bowin - Bowing Classic Arms
    SHIPPING/PHYSICAL ADDRESS - BCA Corporation 3512 Old Lowes
    Ferry Road Louisville, TN 37777
    MAILING ADDRESS: Bowen Classic Arms Corp. P. O. Box 67 Louisville, TN 37777
    (865) 984-3583

    Jack Huntington - Jack Huntington Gunsmith
    21854 Meyer Ravine Grass Valley California, USA 95949

    Jim Stroh - Alph Pricision inc.
    3238 Della Slaton Rd. Comer, GA 30629

    John Gallagher - Gallagher Firearms Inc.
    3923 Bird Farm Road
    Jasper Al 35503

    John Linebaugh - Linebaugh Custom Sixguns
    P.O. Box 455 Cody, WY 82414
    Delivery (UPS) 177 Louis L'Amour Lane, Powell,
    WY 82435
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  8. nitestalker

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    String1946, Very nice list of custom shops. The point is we are no longer dependent on what ever is close to home. With the inter-net we can all access custom shops. These shops used to be reserved to people who wrote articles for gun magazines.:)
  9. string1946

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    Exactally. I have a Trapdoor Springfield thats in a shop in Indiana as we type.