Ruger Super Redhawk's Second Day At The Range

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    First, corrections. My previous post stated the scope on my SHR was 3-6x38. Actuallty it is 2-6x32.

    Recapping first post (Ruger Super Redhawk's First Day At The Range) I was getting on paper and farthest distance that visit was 75 feet. Iron sites very accurate and scope performed well after using laser boresight.

    I went to the NRA headquarters range yesterday morning. My son did not go with me this time, so I had time to concentrate on determining just how accurate this gun really is.

    Anyway I changed a couple of things from the last visit - I still had a few rounds of the Lellier & Bellot 240 grain Soft Point, but after running out I figured I'd see how the Super Redhawk would handle the American Eagle Pistol Cartridges 240 grain JHP. Also, I brought along some extra bags for bench resting, so instead of supporting only my wrist, this time the gun's barrel was supported as well. Side note - powder discharge fom the cylinder ripped the bag open in a couple of places until I put a few protective layers of old T-shirts wrapped around it. After about 12 rounds I noticed the scope coming loose. Tightened as much as I could with the stubby flathead screwdriver I brought along, but now I see the wisdom of using Loctite.

    So after getting the bags and scope squared away and starting out at 35, then 75 feet, I set the target to 125 feet. So that's a 8 1/2 x 11" target with the 4" ring marked as my goal for this visit - to see how many shots I could put inside 4" at roughly 40 yards. All shots made bench rested, single action with JHP. After gettting back home I cleaned the gun and moved the scope back as far as it would go - this will improve the balance slightly. Will remount the scope using Blue Loctite #242. I'm considering trying lower grain soft point, maybe a 180, 200 or 220 grain will give me more accuracy. Of course I know if I were to hunt big game here in the dense woods of Virginia I would probably stick with the 240 grain or maybe even use a 300 grain. Obviously the gun shoots better than I can but I'm willing to try other things while at the same time improving my technique. I need a way to properly rest the gun and get a good two-hand grip on it. Need to practice my breathing a little more. Moving the scope back will also have a small effect on how I achieve the 20" eye relief by having to hold the gun a little farther out. Next time at the range I want all 6 shots inside 4" at 50 yards. Comments and suggestions welcome. :)

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    do you reload??

    full wadcutters or semi wadcutters should produce very good accuracy results. i would go with power levels in the 44 special range to keep leading issues down.

    what your doing now is more than adequate for hunting.

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    Exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for, thank you! :)

    No, I do not reload, not yet anyway. Long story short, once my son goes to college, the wife and I look forward to moving to the country - I want a
    garage / barn / tool shed / man cave in the back where I can clean my guns year round without smelling up the house - love the smell of Hoppes #9, wife hates it. :mad:
    A reloading bench is sure to be added then.

    Meanwhile, its understood wadcutters are preferred at the range for accuracy and precision placement on the target
    and I never thought about that till you mentioned it. I'll give them a try.

    Being fifty years old and having only just started to enjoy my new hobby (been collecting and shooting for a year now)
    I look forward to hunting while I'm still physically fit enough to do so. I've got a brother-in-law has land in Texas and until
    I get an invite to go hunting with him I'll wait on getting a good long range rifle / scope setup.

    For now I'm sticking with getting experience on the range with the SHR and my Mossberg 500 12 gauge. I mount a rifled 24" barrel
    to it and shoot Remington Accutip sabot slugs. With practice I believe I can get 4" groups at 150 yards with the Mossberg.
    From what I hear about hunting deer in Virginia most shots are less than 200 yards in the wooded areas, so I figure I'll be ready to go.
    I'll either join a hunt club or hire someone to show me the ropes first time out.
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  4. Txhillbilly

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    Like JonM said,It's best to practice with lower powered loads and develop good shooting techniques.Your target shows very good results so far.
    Keep up the practicing,it'll pay off in no time.
    You might also ask the range if you can shoot off shooting sticks if you might use them for hunting.Changing your shooting position can wreak havoc when you start shooting different ways.
  5. JTJ

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    I used to load 9 grn of Bullseye with a 240 grn lead semi wad cutter. Very mild and very accurate load. A little hotter than a 45ACP.
  6. Hookeye

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    My .44 mag 200 gr load is an XTP on top of 28.8gr WW296.
    Shot fantastic in a couple of 629's I had and my dad's 9.5" Super Redhawk.
    Longer bbls and light bullets (like the 180's) make for a sharp "cookie sheet slap to the face" kind of blast.
    A little better with 200's and even more comfy with 240's.
    Light bullets will also lend to flame cutting with similar powders. It only goes so far and stops but some folks find it a bit disconcerting.
  7. Hookeye

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    I've shot a lot of hard cast semi wadcutters in SuperBlackhawks but none in the Redhawk and few in my Smiths.
    Had excellent results with jacketed HP's from Remington, Nosler and Hornady from 180-240gr with max ball powder charges of AA9, H110 and WW296.
    All loads are compressed with decent crimp.
    Yeah, I don't get as many rounds per lb of powder, so it's not the most economical, but I load for performance and have not been disappointed!
    I also have no worries about throwing a double charge and blowing up my gun/hurting myself.
    If I ever throw a double it'll be rather obvious right at the moment! ;)