Ruger Super Redhawk's First Day At The Range

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    There are a half dozen ranges I've been to in Northern Virginia, but the NRA Headquarteres range is my favorite.

    As usual , die hards get there an hour before opening so I get on the wait list - I don't mind the wait - that's
    typical on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Of course, I always get there earlier if my son does not want to go,
    but today he did, so we got there arond 11:00 and had to wait over an hour. Like I sad, I don't mind, because
    I get a kick out of watching others shoot. At the NRA range, all of the 15 booths are in view from the waiting area.
    If you've never been there before and get on the wait list, why not go upstairs and check out the
    NRA Firearms musem? ITS FREE and you can see the whole thing within an hour.

    Anyway, I just got a 7 1/2" magna ported barrel Ruger Super Redhawk chambered in 44 magnum. Bought it used
    with a Bushnell 3-6x38 Elite 3200 series handgun scope. Had to plan ahead to maximize my one hour range time
    and consider that my son wanted to shoot our AR15 while we were there.

    So I only had a half hour to evaluate the Super Redhawk.

    Ammo: 44 magnum Lellier & Bellot 240 grain Soft Point.
    Started out from standing position, two handed, Single Action, iron sights shooting a target at only ten feet - both
    my son and I met the objective, hit inside a 4" circle, so we moved to 30 feet, shot bench rested. I had better results
    at that distance, so then we mount the scope. Looks like Bushnell does not make the scope I have any more, but
    that makes sense if the previous owner bought it back when they bought the gun. The serial number of the Ruger SRH
    indicates it was made sometime in 2001. I mounted the scope and zeroed it using a laser boresight, also by Bushnell.
    The boresight is only intended to get your first shots on paper, but at 30 feet I was impressed with its accuracy - it was
    close to zero.

    Long story short, my bench rested shots were all on target even to 75 feet. I say bench rested but actually I only
    supported my right wrist.

    I know the gun is capable of 4" groupings to 150 yards; so that's my goal eventually. This First Day was just to have
    fun with my new (to me) toy. One day all of my guns will go to my son, so we have this bond and its good quality time
    with him. But my son understands his Daddy willl want to go back to the range by himself next time. No distractions,
    no other guns, just bringing the Super Redhawk and a Ruger GP100 so if anything goes wrong I'll still have something fun
    to shoot at the range. The next time I go I will take better notes, mark up my targets and post them here.

    Being ported, the 7 1/2 " barrel still produced some kick, but easily handled. Did not hurt my hand at all. The added
    weight from the scope lessens the recoil even more. Very pleased with the rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
    and when I had the rear sights adjusted for elevation there was just enough room to mount the scope and still have clearance.

    Only negative was when I told my son to shoot double action - he pulled the trigger smoothly, but too slow, so the safety
    transfer bar prevented effective hammer contact to the firing pin. I showed him a slightly faster trigger pull and the pin fired
    every time.

    The stainless steel finish and the rubber grips with inlaid wood add beauty to the rugged frame. I love this gun! Ruger Rocks! :D

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    Awesome weapon...sounds like you had fun...great nightstand gun ;)

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    Nice peice and a nice write up.
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    I would like to hear more about the whys and wherefors of this "safety transfer bar" thing of which you speak. This is the first time i have heard of any issues with a Redhawk.

    One of the next 2 or 3 purchases is most likely going to be a redhawk or super redhawk. I always shoot my revolvers in double action and have a slow, deliberate trigger squeeze.

    I would like to be aware of any functioning troubles before i drop the coin on one.

    I was seriously contemplating a S&W 629,almost pulled the trigger, so to speak, on one until i was given a heads up and learned about the problems they have with the hammer staying cocked back.
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    It could be this...and a simple remedy explained here. Ruger Redhawk Common Problems - Page 3 - TheFiringLine Forums
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    Good info - I'll take a look at it. Also did some Googling and there's good info out there regarding transfer bar thickness, light primer loads,
    ordering parts from Ruger or Brownell's- even one thread about cyclinder gap. There is a slight forward/ backward movement on my SHR's cylinder.
    My GP100 by comparison has significantly less travel...
    Probably the easiest thing I will try first is filing 10 mils off the hammer face.
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    I'm really liking the grips on your Super Redhawk ;).
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    I'm currently running 2 Ruger Super Redhawks. A brushed Stainless in .44 Magnum, and a "Target Grey" in .454 Casull. I've removed the scope from the .44 because I just didn't like it. I prefer iron sights on pistols.

    Both guns run very well, and have exceptional accuracy. In typical Ruger fashion, both are built like tanks, and will wear you out before you do them. I really like the strength Ruger builds into their Super Redhawk / GP-100 series of revolvers. They are a well thought out design. One thing I like about the brushed Stainless Steel over the "Target Grey" is the fact it is very easy to touch up with a product like Flitz Metal Polish, or Simichrome Paste.

    When I bought the .44 it was very dirty from the factory. Ruger guns are almost always delivered this way. They are proof fired, and boxed and shipped without cleaning. I went over the whole gun one morning with Flitz and a Terrycloth rag while I watched a Formula 1 race, and when I was finished the gun looked absolutely brilliant! Since then I go over all of my Stainless Steel weapons once and a while. It really helps to bring back the shine and eliminate the "dullness" Stainless Steel can acquire over time. You can't do this with the "Target Grey" Stainless finish.