Ruger SR9c range time

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by sigeptendo, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. sigeptendo

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    Hi friends! I treated my father to a range trip today to try out our pair of shiny new Ruger SR9cs we got a couple of weeks ago.

    We both put 200 rounds through each though the Ruger, and we had no problems whatsoever. I finally got this weapon after a lot of research and meditation, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I was a bit apprehensive because I had never fired a gun that small before so it was a slight gamble that fortunately went in my favor. The recoil is super manageable, and with the full length 17 round magazine in there it was very accurate (I am by no means a sharpshooter). My dad preferred the shorter magazine WITH the pinky extension, but I got used to it with the flat base plate on (less printing when carrying that way, I think) I got it as a nice CCW and I think it will fill that role perfectly.

    I noticed when my dad was firing that it does have quite a muzzle flash. I personally think its a cool looking effect as I have a 1911 for HD in low light purposes, but it is something to note if you were thinking about picking one up to pull duty as a home defense weapon.

    Unfortunately, no pics this time around :(. I'll be sure to snap a few shots next time!
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    Sounds like a good day for you and pops. I like those family shooting traditions. Keep it up!

  3. TacticalSenior

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    Thanks for the range report. Good to see you guys had a great time.