ruger sr9c made in america

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ballfan4141, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. ballfan4141

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    I got the ruger sr9c. great gun. you have a lot of option with it. but I noticed the magazines are made in italy and the lock in made in china. lol. are the parts of the gun made in america or assembled it america. I will alway try to buy american first and always and if ruger has a gun to fit what I want I will buy them.
  2. Shihan

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    Do not worry, the parts of the SR9c and other firearms from Ruger are American made parts. From the sights to the trigger, made here.
    It would be nice if the other accessories were also American made.

    Just enjoy that Ruger and have fun shooting.

  3. sparky80

    sparky80 New Member

    I love my SR9c. And I love that it's american made.
  4. 30-30remchester

    30-30remchester New Member

    BALLFAN , and other posters, thanks for the concern. I myself buy only American made products. Im not saying foriegn products are no good, Im just saying US products are just as good or better and by buying US made products we are part of the economic solution instead of the problem. Keep up the good work.
  5. ballfan4141

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    ruger if my favorite pistol company. they did not have much but in the last years they have a automatic pistol for every application. some people may still want to buy their glocks like nuntnfancy but that sr9c has the best ergonomics I have seen it in a pistol. plus you have a nice size compact pistol and they have a full size 17 round pistol. I dont know why anyone would even want the full size sr9 anymore. no striker firing 45 acp but we know those who buy 45 acps are lacking in other areas of their life lol.
  6. freefall

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    The Lovely Mrs and I are both very happy with our .45s and most other areas of our life, thank you. Only cause for dissatisfaction at present is our Obama inspired economy and level of remuneration.
  7. nate

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    From what I was told its the same company that makes the mags for the M&P and something else, but I too did notice both of thoes with my SR40.
  8. mkett39

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    I believe the mags are mec-gar. they are quality mags but I understand what you are saying. Love my SR9c, it has a great feel to it and the trigger is oh so sweet.
    Hope to see a SR40c soon.
  9. vjf915

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    The SR series pistols from Ruger are pretty good guns, especially for the price point. I have an SR9, and absolutely love it. But I don't get why you say there are a lot of option for the gun. There is only one place I am aware of that has SOME aftermarket parts, and that is Galloway Precision. I have dealt with Eric Galloway from Galloway Precision, great guy. I would recommend their products. Regardless, these guns have practically NO aftermarket support.