Ruger SR9?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by V3ritas_A3quitas, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. V3ritas_A3quitas

    V3ritas_A3quitas New Member

    Anyone own one? How do you like it? I'm looking for a future handgun to buy, more for HD purposes. Good lookin' gun, 9mm so ammo would be pretty cheap, and a good sized mag (17 rounds).
  2. freefall

    freefall New Member

    Thinking about buying an SR9c my ownself. Gets good write-ups in the infomercial magazines, but then, what doesn't? We should all subscribe to
    Gun Tests magazine, probably do away with half the blather we all push off on one another.

  3. Missileman

    Missileman New Member

    I got one about 2 months ago--put about 500 rounds through it so far. Not one malfunction. The trigger is a little stiff in comparison to other striker fired pistols I have, but it is starting to ease up a bit. I think it would be a rock solid pistol for HD--plus it is super comfortable to shoot--one of the best feeling grips of any pistol I have. I think you'll like it.