Ruger SR9

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Missileman, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Missileman

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    I took the new SR9 to the range yesterday--I had recently purchased it for $350 at a gunshow (new). I put about 250 rounds, 115gr ball, 124gr ball, and Rem 124gr Golden Sabre through it without any hiccups. When I concentrated the accuracy seemed to be on par with my other 9mms, but will need more testing for that. I must say that this is probably the most pleasant to shoot 9mm I've ever used. I had my CZ75B there also, which was the comfort champion before, and I couldn't believe how nice the SR9 felt. I switched back and forth several times just to verify it, but it actually felt better than the CZ75. Not sure why--maybe the grip angle or polymer or something? My only issue with the SR9 is the stiff trigger (it is the re-designed model) but hopefully that will lighten up some with use. Sorry no pictures--I'm not digital friendly yet...
  2. Leatherneck1775

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    I just got the SR9c and I m with you its a wonderful gun to shoot.

  3. Biohazurd

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    Some guns fit some people better, IMO the CZ-75B is the most comfortable, fun 9mm i have ever shot. High power would be a close second. But as far as tupperware guns go the SR9 is hella ergonomic. Almost as nice as a colt...
  4. Acrostic

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    there are a lots of guns in the market still i love to shoot with a Winchester Model 70 (pre-1964)
  5. Shihan

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    I liked my SR9, great shooter and very comfortable, until I sent it in to get the trigger recall fixed. I preferred the original trigger. I can't stand the Glocky trigger safety mechanism thingy. May seem inconsequential but it's bugs me.