Ruger SR9 vs SR40

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by sputnik1988, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. sputnik1988

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    I am considering the purchase of one of the two, I would buy a .45 hands down if they were available, but I'm fairly certain that they are not. Anyway this is to be a CCW handgun and a plinker now and then. I already own multiple pistols, none of which are a "joy" to pack around, (except maybe the Vaquero and thats just not practical) I have almost settled on these two, but i am definitely open to suggestions (preferably with an external hammer and this may catch a lot of crap but I know it's coming, no Glocks, don't like 'em) I'm looking in the $400 dollar area. Thanks ahead of time, Mike.
  2. Missileman

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    I have an SR9 and it is a joy to shoot. I imagine the SR40 is a little snappy in the hand and wouldn't be as fun, plus the ammo costs are higher--but obviously has power advantages. The SR9 is compact but may be a little large depending on how you carry--you might want to look at the SR9c.

  3. nate

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    I got an SR40. Have only put one clip threw it plinking at some pumpkins christmas morning but all 15 went into the pumpkins. I dont think it has much kick to it but about all of my hand gun experiance prior has been with 1911's in 45acp. I looked at the SR9 and SR9c. Didnt care for the SR9c to small for my hand and in general i dont care for the 9mm round. The 9 and 40 have the same feel to them just a matter of what round you want to shoot and like I said 45acp was the only handgun ammo I ever bought befor so the 40s&w is cheap to me. Have you looked at a Ruger P345. Very similar the the SR's but 45acp and a hammer.
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    I prefer the 9mm to the 40sw. I just enjoy shooting it more, but the 40 is a fine defensive round. Michael Weston carries a nine...'nuff said there, LOL.

    As for other your price range it might be worth looking into some of the offerings from Bersa. They make compact guns with hammers, and most of their 9/40/45 options fall in the $300-400 price range. They have plenty of fans and a generally solid reputation. For $500 you could begin to explore the CZ market, or might be within reach of a used Sig 229/239. But Bersa could be right in your wheelhouse.