Ruger SR556 question

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by yesicarry, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. yesicarry

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    Hey All,

    Was browsing an AR forum (not that great)

    And a member has a problem with his new SR-556.. Seems the safety selector actually goes past fire position..He called Ruger and cust. service rep. said that the office model did the same thing and took his ph. # for the R & D guys..

    Hmm.. For a rifle with a 1900 dollar price tag to have probs like that..

    Seems buying a Ruger is like buying a car.. You dont buy the first year and model. And yes, I have 4. 2 pistols/2 rifles from them..

    Dont know if anyone here has an SR-556. If you do, check it out..
  2. slowryde45

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    Sounds like someone maybe put the wrong safety detent and spring in :confused: I would pull the grip off, to check the safety detent and spring to make sure it was installed correctly. Also check the safety selector lever, to make sure it was in spec, no probs with it. But I'm sure Ruger will make it right. And it really doesn't matter what brand it is, anyone can have an off day, and KAKA does happen. At least he caught it before anything happened.


  3. JonM

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    my SR556 does that too. but its not really an issue for me. im used to select fire M16 from the army so stopping at single shot is second nature. i can see how it would be aggravating tho. most liekly ruger was saving money and just put in select fire levers that work with full auto versions in the semiauto rifles.

    its the only problem i have found with em. however. damn things shoot better than my other two AR.