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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by NewGunz, Jun 22, 2011.

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    I'm trying to improve my shot with my SP101. It's brand new and I've only taken it to the range once so I'm still at that break-in/learning curve point. I was having grip troubles but a friend gave me this link of Jerry Miculek who shows a very nice method of holding snubnoses that feels great for me. However, is there anything else I should know about shooting revolvers that would improve my accuracy and overall shooting? Should I still be firing with the pad of my finger rather than the first joint? My SP101 is the 2.25" model so clearly, I wasn't intending on taking out pinpoint targets at 25 yards but I think it would be nice to improve my overall shooting with this gun. Thanks for your input.
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    You will need the first joint position to control the trigger on the revolver. Using the pad on a revolver will cause you some serious control problems. Of course it is recommended you do use the pad on the semi-auto pistol. There is no one better than Jerry Miculek to take pointers from.


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    Do some double-action dry firing, and keep a close eye on your front sight. That'll help you fine-tune your trigger finger placement. You'll need to find a spot where you can maintain continuous pressure, straight back, through the entire trigger pull.

    For most people, that works out best right next to the first joint, but it may vary a little based on the size of your hand/length of your finger compared to the size of the revolver grip. You can try other stocks to get the perfect grip along with the best trigger finger placement.
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    Thanks guys, I'll try this at the range today. As a side note, I have a cleaning question. What should I use to clean the 5 chambers and barrell? I usually use a boresnake on my 9mm SIG P226 but there are so many chambers and then the barrel, I want to get it right. Last but not least, what on the SP101 should be lubricated besides the ejecting rod? Thanks again!
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    I've owned an SP-101 for a few months now and it's quickly become my daily carry thanks to its accuracy and "brick sh*t-house" construction.

    I went through the same thing you did learning to shoot mine. THat's why, as you can see in the picture, I went with a 3 inch barrel. I also opted for the factory Rubber "Hogue-like" grip, and I too consulted the great Jerry Miculek for grip positioning.


    To-date, with only a couple hundred rounds fired, my groups are "minute of dancing coke can" at 10 yards and "minute of center mass" out to 25. I've found that with hands my size, a grip that allows my trigger finger to pull straight back just in front of the first knuckle keeps me able to shoot accurately in double action and keep the front sight where it needs to be.

    This picture was shot while I was shooting my first box of ammo through my 101, so as you can see by my use of my "tactical tongue" I was concentrating pretty hard on "squeeze straight back, straight back, front sight, front sight...squeeeeeeeze...BANG!" The tongue also appears when I'm balancing my check book...

    Love my SP-101 and I'm sure you'll love yours too. Great revolver!

    Have a great day!

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    That's a great link. I'm going to try that out.
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    Thanks Josh! Haha @ the tongue!