Ruger SP101 357/.38 Review

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by northhike, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. northhike

    northhike New Member

    I just purchased the Ruger SP101 double action only revolver today and took her out for a test run with .38 + P and .357 magnums. Here is my thoughts on the gun.....

    The gun is as solid as they come and those that have referenced it being like "a tank" are right on the mark. Its a solid a gun as you can find. I did not find the trigger pull "gritty" or tough as some have said.....its a nice shooter.

    The .38 + P shot without trouble and they were a joy to shoot. I was accurate out to say 30-40 yards.....of course this is a close range pistol, but thought I would push it a bit. The recoil was fairly minor given the weight of the gun, but that was a different story with thee .357.

    The one thing I noticed more then the recoil was the flash with the .357 however that can be mitigated some with higher end self defense ammo. I could not see myself shooting the .357 beyond 10-15 yards and staying least "consitently" accurate. The .357 did give the gun a bit of a kick, but I am 100% convinced the Houge grip will steady the gun a bit more. I am not a fan of the factory grip that comes on the gun for .357 applications.

    Overall this is a great gun for CC and I have no problem concealing it under everyday wear (jeans and a pull over shirt). After shooting the SP101 I would not want to go to a lighter frame. I have not shot the small and lighter LCR, but I would imagine the .38 bullet would give the gun quite a kick and accuracy coould be sacraficed. When it comes to small guns I go heavier...not lighter. :D

    Anyway....thought I would share. This is a great all around gun (CC, HD and woods walking).
  2. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Active Member

    Glad to hear you like it. Steel frame Rugers are hard to beat. Did you use the factory grips or change to Hogue grips?

  3. northhike

    northhike New Member

    I just ordered the Hogue grip. I figured it would be better to hang onto when shooting the .357 magnum rounds. My hands are a bit larger and the factor handle is a bit too small. The Hogue grip should be just right.
  4. spittinfire

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    Glad you like the weapon. I've got one as well and my wife and I love it. I leave it for her when I'm gone and if I take it to the range without her she fusses at me.
  5. OC357

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    Glad you like the SP101. You should like the Hogue grips. Pic of the Hogue grips on a magnum. Although not a 101, you can see what they look like. They do grip better than the factory stock walnut ones. They will make a difference.

    python 001.jpg

  6. diggsbakes

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    Glad you like your new gun. You made an excellent choice. If you want to break in the trigger with out breaking your bank, go get you some snap caps and practice your pull around the house. In the owners manual Ruger states that this weapon can be dry fired with out damaging the firing pin, I'm no gun smith, but common sense tells me that having the firing pin strike something would be beneficial.

    You also might look into getting the cylinder chamfered. I have not done this, but a friend of mine has and it makes a world of difference when using speed-loaders.
  7. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Glad you're happy with it. :D
  8. northhike

    northhike New Member

    Thanks all! Definatley a fun and enjoyable gun gun to shoot (which is one major attribute I was looking for in a carry gun). If its not fun I won't shoot it much.


    Thanks for the information. I think I will start with the Houge grip first and shoot it for a while before I make the decision to do/or not to do anymore manipulation. Actually what I would like is a better front sight. Looks like it is not interchangeable, but maybe some bright glow paint on the existing sight.