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  1. KRAGGY69

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    just wanted to share my awesome ruger service experience with yall.i have owned my stainless ruger gp 100 since 92 my buddie and i used to go to the range every weekend for 3yrs and shoot 200 rounds at a time all box magnum loads that equals to i would assume thousands of my last trip to the range with old faithful was not pleasant for my benchmate as it seemed to be spraying a little i emailed ruger and asked if it would be under warranty assuming the worst(me paying).so i send it on monday to the factory i get a call thursday saying its done and onits way home and i recieve it friday.i could not believe my eyes i had to check the serial number as i thought they sent me a new gun it was that dramatic of a five days they had put a whole new crane assembly,recoil plate,internal timing components,brand new adj sights front and rear,complete dissasembly, clean,lube,set barrel gap,and polished all surface dings and scratches:eek: wow....all free of charge i dont think ill ever buy anything but ruger ever that is awesome customer service RUGER ROCKS
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    That is definately one advantage of buying a gun new and when a company backs up their words with actions is outstanding.

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    Ruger is a stand up company. Always have been. That is why they have lasted as long as they have and will be around for decades to come.
  4. winds-of-change

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    That's good to know. I have a stainless Ruger GP100, too. Mine is very new, only a couple months old or so. I hope to have this gun in the family for generations. I've heard nothing but good things about Ruger customer service.
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    I have never had a bad experience with Ruger CS. They have always been great to deal with.
    One of the best companies to deal with.
  6. Highpower

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    My CS experience has been fair. My experience with their quality control coming out of the factory has been poor. Such is life.
  7. BunnyWabbit

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    I had to order left handed grips for my Mark III because there was no way to shoot it with the right handed ones that were on there. I talked to their customer service in Arizona, there were awesome and the guy even called me to say he'd gotten mine and they shipped the ones I needed out the same day. They have a lifetime warranty, but then Ruger makes one heck of a gun. I have emailed their marketing department several times about them getting me all excited having the LCP in raspberry but that is the only gun it comes in. I think they at least need to make the SR9c in something other than black. But they responded to my emails in less than a day and usually that day.