Ruger S/A Dimensions

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    Decided to add to my non-existent revolver collection with a stainless Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt, 5.5" barrel. I have a 7.5" that I converted from a Blackhawk but like the shorter barrel and stainless steel. Anyhow...

    In reading up, I seem to understand that the cylinder throats (amongst other issues) are not where they should be on factory Ruger S/A revolvers. Can anyone tell me from experience if reaming the throats to .452" - .4525" as done by Bowen, Clement and others, has a practical impact on a hunting gun's accuracy?

    I don't expect to drive nails with this thing. It will be a woods gun for deer inside 50 yards and close range black bear (less than 20 yards).
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    Okay, I'll try.
    IF the cylinder exit is of a smaller diameter than the barrel, the bullet will end up "wobbling" as it goes down the barrel. This "wobble" effect will be seen on the target.
    Ideally you want the bullet to exit the cylinder and have the forcing cone in the revolver "size" the bullet for the barrel.

    But, if the cylinder exit is too larger, then you have other problems.

    The secret is to have a happy balance between the cylinder, forcing cone, and barrel.

    How do you check your cylinder? Go to Harbor Freight and pick up a cheap digital caliper that will measure the internal size of the cylinder exit area and barrel.