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  1. Shihan

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    Manufacturer - Ruger

    A Lightwieght Compact Revolver ideal for conceal carry. Offered in both .38spl +P and .357 Magnum. This polymer framed revolver has quickly become a favorite among many.
    Is offered with a vatiety of grips from a Hogue to a Crimson Trace.
  2. jake82

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    i love the wieght feel size and knock down power of this gun, but i bought it for self defense and its terrible for that if i have to beat spent rounds out of the cylinder one at a time. I have talked to ruger 3 times and sent the gun in once yet they tell me nothing is wrong with it and just buy whatever ammo works best. I would love to use this for conceled carry if Il ever passes a law but with rugers poor support im considering selling it and never buying another ruger product. Price Payed: $425.00 Recommended? No Pros: nice grips light weight and great power (mine is .357mag) Cons: VERY picky about ammo. works ok with hornady and blazer. remington ammo has to be hammered out one at a time with a cleaning rod. ruger said there was no problem with the gun after i sent it back for repair. Their response was to use whatever ammo works for me.

  3. miles_fan

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    My friend Roze got the LCR in 38 as her first defense firearm, but it turned out to sting too much for her, and she ended up with a Walther 22 auto instead (yeah, it's not a stopper but she's got more shots and at this point she can unload many into the same hole consistently). She has been kind enough to bring the LCR to every range visit, so I get to put a hundred rounds through my GP100 4" then about twenty through the LCR.

    I have to say, although I love the GP, I ENJOY shooting the LCR more. The GP is nice and heavy so recoil isn't an issue so I can get pretty accurate. And I can see what she means about the kick of the LCR making it more to handle. BUT, I find I am a whole lot more intentional when shooting the pocket revolver. That means I am more in tune with muscling the grip, a smooth trigger press, and even breathing. It seems like I'd be able to easily emulate the same with the bigger Ruger but for some reason I let its weight and inherent accuracy do most of the work.

    I told Roze I'd like to buy the LCR from her, but in reality I'd much rather get the 357 version and probably with a Crimson Trace, both things I really like about my GP100.

    I have never experienced any difficulty extracting all five cases in one motion, as was noted by another poster. Love this gun, and I'm a huge Ruger fan.

    I know you can't get 6 shots in a compact revolver easily, but in swapping from GP100 to LCR, I do notice that 5 shots seems a lot less than 6--not just the actual 16.6% reduction. At least that's how I'd feel if I were ever in a situation where every shot counted. Price Payed: $450.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Size, build quality, reliability, fun to shooot Cons: only 5 shots!
  4. forgotenpast

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    recoil using 38 is great but the 357 scared my wife half to death
    Price Payed: $450.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: lightweight compact revolver.. fires everything i throw into it kicks like a mule using 357 mag Cons: accuracy, factory sights are difficult to use Synopsis: light, pretty, strong


    Great gun for women, I feel save with the LCR on my side..
    My choice for CCW is also enfluenced by where I live. I am a country
    girl it takes 20 min. to get to a gas station... if I lived in the city I would prob.
    get somthing with a little more stoping power.... Price Payed: $451.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Hammerless, lightweight, LCR is well built and sturdy,also has proven reliable, and gives me peace of mind. Cons: Accuracy is poor , packs a little punch (kicks), and it would prob. take all five rounds to drop your target. Synopsis: I am a woman and my .357 mag LCR, I must say I do love my LCR, also I am a huge Ruger fan. When I am carring mine. I can say I honestly have peace of mind... Thant about says it all right there.