Ruger P95 9mm

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by johnsteele, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. johnsteele

    johnsteele New Member

    I've been looking at 9mm handguns for home and carry. It also needs to be suitable for my 110lb 5'2" wife. I'm coming around to the Ruger P95; its not too heavy, comes to hand nicely, has managable recoil and is not expensive.

    Anyone with experience with this pistol and can comment?

  2. chorst294

    chorst294 New Member

    Excellent gun for the money. I had one and foolishly sold it. I never had a malfunction through 1,000 rounds. The gun was well used before I got it. They're not the prettiest gun on the market, but they are very dependable and would serve your purpose well.

  3. iloveguns

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    Great guns. I had a couple at one time but traded them off. I always regret that. They function great and aren't to expensive. I say get yourself one.:)
  4. johnsteele

    johnsteele New Member

    Thanks to both of you, its always nice to have your thoughts confirmed. The next challenge is to get the wife to try it and see how it works for her. She can't even rack my 1911 so anything should be up from there :)
  5. dgray64

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    The worst problem for her may be the size of the grip. They fire well, are accurate, and easy to use, but the double stack magazine makes the grip a little bigger than some women can handle. One thing you might try if she generally likes it is a rubber over-grip. These are cheap, but they keep the pistol in position with no slipping while shooting whether it is hot or cold out. Most people's accuracy goes up quite high with this simple adjustment. If this gun doesn't fit her look at some slimmer ones like some Taurus models. Good luck.

    Dave :)
  6. shipwreck

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    I had one until a couple of weeks ago - I bought an expensive 1911, and I needed some cash quickly.

    The gun works 100% - I'd definetly recommend Mecgar mags over the factory mags, however. The mag bodies are stiffer on the Macgars, and they are easier to load. Mecgar makes factory mags for many gun companies. So, while I almost always stick with factory mags for any guns - in this case, get the MecGars.

    Only thing I didn't like about the gun was the trigger. Where U think the gun's trigger will break (in SA mode) - there is actually another "stage." It has a tiny bit more to go, after some added friction.

    Also, as the slide moves from the recoil, you can actually feel the compression of the spring. It's a bit strange. I've never felt this in other guns before.

    While the P95 is the cheapest 9mm I'd buy and rely my life on... I think there are better guns out there.

    My 69 year old mother had problems working the slide on some semi autos too. She ended up buying a Bersa 380 - as she could work that. But, she had no problems working the slide on either an HK USP or USP compact.
  7. trrogers24

    trrogers24 New Member

    I own on a ccw with it. Very Reliable and easy to break down and clean