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  1. chasle90

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    I've got a p90 that I've never been able to find attachments for or any custimizations for it cause they say its good the way it is. I disagree that a light or laser attachment would look awesome on the bottom of the gun infront of the trigger. Anyone ever customized there own to do so?

  2. raceroch

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    If you can't figure out a solution I will buy it from you :)

  3. GrtWhytHype

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    I have a p944 that I picked up as a fixer-upper. Currently in the process of mirror polishing the slide as well as some of the internals. Outside of the hogue rubber grips, I've run into the same issue. You can switch out sights but that's about it. As a side note I actually have an extra set of hogue's that I'd be willing to give you. Send a pm if you're interested.

    I've heard and seen some picatinny rails that can be drilled into the frame for light/laser mounting but that's not something I'd ever be interested in. The other things I've considered is getting a red dot mount instead of the rear sights and extending the magwell. Pick up a couple 20 round mags and you have yourself a kick *** range gun! Lol. Will update as the project progresses.
  4. rodent.22

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    I've seen clamp-on red dots for the trigger guards. Don't know about the quality....
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    Hey guys, I have a P89DC. Inherited it from my grandfather so selling to buy a handgun with a rail.... wasn't in my book. I researched for months. Found many trigger guard lasers that looked ugly. I found magnetic mounts specifically for my p89 and I found rail that mounted on the lower and wrapped to allow an optic to be mounted. All of these were ugly and not cheap. So here's what I did.... get yourself a standard 1913 rail, I believe mine is 1.5 inches long. Center the rail to where you want it mart your holes. Drill and tap. Use screws that came with rail. Be sure to use locktite. After it is mounted file the inside so the barrel ring does not bind. Being that that area of the lower is not parallel to the lower, you will need washers to shim the rail level.






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