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    I have a question about the thumb safety on the P345. Since it decocks the hammer when put in safe, there's no way to carry it with the hammer cocked and with the safety engaged. However, if you only engage the safety halfway with the hammer cocked, it stops the trigger from firing and would let me do just that. The manual says specifically not to do that clearly for liability purposes, but I was just wondering if anyone does this on this gun or any other gun and what their opinions on that are. I'd rather have all my shots be SA rather than DA first then SA.

    Also, Ive been dry firing the gun with the mag out for 4 days or so now without the mag in... I had no idea you weren't supposed to because it has a mag disconnect safety. Probably a total dry fires of maybe 50. Is that an amount of dry fires to be concerned about (it was NIB as of 4 days ago). I clearly won't be doing that again, but I'm just wondering.

    Also, a concern I had with the hammer is when there's a chambered round. If I want to cock the hammer there's no way to do so with the safety engaged, it has to be disengaged. Is there any way that if in the process of manually pulling the safety back I get 3/4 of the way and it slips and drops that the round will fire? The reason I ask is because when dry firing it in DA the hammer doesn't actually pull back as far it does in SA before dropping. I haven't tried to cock the hammer with a round chambered since thinking about that.

    Thanks for any input

    Thanks for any input.
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    Repeated dry firing with the magazine out could cause damage to the interrupt plunger creating problems with the firing of the pistol.

    Stop doing it. Invest in Snap Caps.

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    okay so it looks like i probably did significant damage to the firing pin because a few peoeple on other threads have said they've only dry fired theirs 4 or 5 times and it snapped the firing pin in two...with that said I took the slide off and the barrel apart and upon shaking whats left of the slide I hear a little my non professional opinion I'd say I need to call Ruger.

    Does anyone else hear a rattling when they do this? i guess the only real way to tell is to go the range, or actully get to the firing pin to see if it's broken
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    To check if there is damage, install the magazine tip the barrel up and slide a pencil down the barrel, eraser first. Pull the trigger pointed up. If the pencil jumps, it's ok.

    Here is a link to disassembly of the rear sight with a diagram, if the disconnect has been peened use a very fine file or stone to clean up the edge

    Disassembly/Reassembly Of the Ruger KP345 .45 ACP Pistol
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    I dry fired mine a lot without the mag in it too before I found out there was a mag disconnect, then I stopped, but I was having occasional misfires so I removed the disconnect plunger, now it never has a problem, but I am by no means advising you to remove your disconnect, and if you want it taken out PLEASE take it to a gunsmith then put several hundred rounds through it to make sure its safe, as I have done with mine. As for cocking the hammer on a live round, the pistol has a trigger safety that blocks the firing pin if the trigger isn't pressed back completely so as long as your finger is off the trigger it shouldn't go off, but still be careful when you cock it. And PLEASE don't carry it cocked with the safety half on.....PLEASE! The trasition from DA to SA isn't that hard to get used to. And if your worried about the firing pin, take it to a smith, but I doubt its broken, there a rattle in mine and I've checked my firing pin and its still in one piece, but again, if you have any doubts take it to a smith.