Ruger P100 vs Single-Six (part2)

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by BEEFEATER, Oct 15, 2009.


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    Thank you so much about feedbacks.I decide to went to range again yesterday but all they have are 9mm for rental anyway I had fun with it.I've decided to buy Gp100 even this is will be my first gun but ONLY gun and the owner of the gun shop that I went to recommend the same thing.Here's a small problem he offering brand new GP100 blued brand new for $450 but If I want to buy both he has Single-six brand new for $750.He has Single six on the shelf with price tag of $459.He told me that I will have a lot of fun with Single-six and maybe I could take my wife with me to the range?$300 extra for brand new Single-six sound like a very fair deal?Is he a good salesman or Should I go for combo packs?