Ruger or Savage? Pros and cons.

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    I am in the market to buy my first rifle and I'm trying to keep the price down. But quality of the gun is still the most important part to me and being user friendly. I'm learning as I go and I don't always know what questions I should ask. So any tips on what I should look out for would be great.
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    I would help to know if you have a price range and cartridge to some point . A ruger American or hawkeye to help with price range. If a hawkeye you may want to add the TIKKA T-3 to your list. Very good shooter in a mid-upper price range with enough variety to fill what ever need you may have. I have both a savage and ruger along with a Remington and today I would buy a tikka t-3 stainless hunter.

    clr8ter has a good point - RIMFIRE or CENTERFIRE
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  3. clr8ter

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    OP, what round do you want to shoot? What type of action?
    From what I've gathered, the Savage Mark II rifles are a good value. Can be cheap if you don't have to have the extra stuff. I don't own one. I do own a semi custom Savage 93, which has the extra stuff, price was in the mid 600s. Ruger seems pretty expensive to me. I have owned several. Currently have a 77/22. I would never in a million years pay the price they are asking nowadays. Accuracy is in question, at least on mine.
    How about CZ? They have an outstanding reputation, and are VERY nice guns. I got my 453 off of gun broker used but hardly, for just less than $500.

    All those above are Bolt Action. If you want semi, I'd go with a Ruger 10-22.
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    What caliber are you wanting? That will help in assisting you.
    There are many great shooting rifle's in almost any brand.It all comes down to what you like,and how much you want to spend.
    Rimfire calibers-Ruger,Savage,Marlin,and CZ all make great rifles.
    Centerfire calibers- I personally have never cared for Rugers,they have never shot to my accuracy expectations without having to do a lot to them,but that was with rifles made back in the 70's-80's,I haven't tried any of the newer models.
    I'm a Savage junkie,but mainly because I can build a custom Savage rifle without needing a gunsmith for assembly,and they all shoot outstanding.
    Winchester,Tikka,Remington,Howa,Marlin,Browning,CZ,Weatherby,and others all make some great shooting rifles today,it all depends on what you like,and your budget.
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    Savage has some pretty good rifles but I prefer the 10/22, you can put it through anything and it will be like new

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    I own a savage axis in a .223 and love it for the price. Iv shot some of the best groups out of all my rifles with it. I also have a Tikka T3 stainless in a 270 WSM. It also shoots great and has a amazing bolt and trigger. If you have the money I recommend Tikka over anything else. If you dont, the savage is a great choice. Also take a look at the TC venture, that was my second choice when I was looking for the Tikka.
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    Can't go wrong with either