Ruger Old Army projectile/powder performance test

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    This six-part series will be my most comprehensive test of both projectiles and powder in the Ruger Old Army cap and ball revolvers. In the series we'll test three different projectiles, round balls, standard conical bullets and Kaido's heavy hunting conicals using both Goex black powder and Hodgdon's Triple-7 substitute black powder. We'll shoot everything through a pair of Ruger Old Army revolvers, one with a five and a half inch barrel and the other with a seven and a half inch barrel. We'll test each load for accuracy, velocity, energy and penetration.

    In this episode we'll be testing round balls and Goex 3Fg black powder.

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    I cant watch with sound atm.

    Thats cool as hell!! do thry still make those?? What caliber??

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    Thank you for this excellent video. I actually hoped for a long time that someone would do something like that. There are always arguments in the BP community whether our guns are just toys and how they compare to modern pistols. I think with your video you've just put it all to rest.

    I would also like to comment on the weakness of GOEX. They should be embarrassed that the product they put out produces much smaller velocities than Swiss powder or 777 or Pyridex P.