Ruger Old Army Projectile/Powder Performance Test - Part 4

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    This is the fourth episode in a six-part series where we test both projectiles and powder in a pair of Ruger Old Army cap and ball revolvers. In the series we'll test three different projectiles, round balls, standard conical bullets and Kaido's heavy hunting conicals using both Goex black powder and Hodgdon's Triple-7 substitute black powder. We'll shoot everything through a pair of Ruger Old Army revolvers, one with a five and a half inch barrel and the other with a seven and a half inch barrel. We'll test each load for accuracy, velocity, energy and penetration. In this episode we'll be testing 225-grain conical bullets and Triple-Seven substitute black powder.

    After this just two more episodes left in the series...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...