ruger no.1 7x57 whats a good load

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by redwolf, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. redwolf

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    I have a ruger no. 1 internatrional, in 7x57 was wondering if anyone had this gun and got a good load for it. thanks in advance
  2. robocop10mm

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    The Ruger #1 is a fery strong action that can handle ANY 7 X 57 ammo commercially available. Generally 7 X 57 is loaded to very conservative levels because of the availablility of pre-1900 Spanish military rifles that MAY have issues.
    I load my two 7mm Spanish short rifles with a slightly reduced powder charge and 140 grain bullets. Very accurate and deadly on deer sized game.
    Refer to widely available data from the powder manufacturers, reduce max loads by 10% and work up a load your rifle likes. Every rifle, every barrel has likes and dislikes. What shoots 1" groups in my rifles may shoot 3" groups in your rifle. The fun in reloading is experimentation and custom tuning the ammo to YOUR gun.
    Good luck and IMHO the International model Rugers are beautiful rifles (the #1 and #3 are my favorite Ruger centerfire rifles)

  3. Budman45

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    I shoot a Ruger M77 22" barrel in 7x57. Mostly I use a Remington 140gr CorLokt bullet, WW760 @ 47gr. and a CCI 200 standard primer. According to my Chrony chronograph this load gives me 2825fps avg. With 49gr I got 2902 but primers were flattening. At 50gr. I had to hammer the bolt open.
    I have been shooting the 47gr load for about 3 yrs. now and about 500-600 rnds with no problems. I get good accuracy and good case life using both
    R-P and Federal cases. This load works good on both deer and feral hogs. It shows no problems with heat sensitivity during the Florida summer. Once I got this rifle, I got rid of my 7mm Rem Mag. Much more recoil then I wanted and over powerfull. I really like this caliber and rifle.
    Take your time working up loads and you will find this caliber to be great fun and not beat you to death.
    If WW760 not available, I think H414 may be the same powder. They list the same grain loads and the same velocity on their web sight.
    Have fun and be safe.