Ruger MK1 Scope Mount Options

Discussion in 'Ruger Handgun Forum' started by campbepb, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. campbepb

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    Im am looking for the best option for a scope mount for a Ruger MK1. I don't really want to have to drill and tap the weapon, so, if there is a good option outside of that please let me know. If not a good rail that does require drill and tap suggestion is appreciated.
  2. Gonzilla

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    I have a B Square Mount - had it for the last 15yrs or so. The first couple years it wouldn't hold zero for very long. Then gunsmith added layer of metal under clamps that goes around frame top and it hasn't moved since. I have simple 1.5X scope on it. X scope reticle.

    With proper rest - it will create a one hole group @ 50'. The set up is more accurate then I am and reminds me of what the gun is capable of.

    I might - cost dependent - have it drilled & tapped for red dot scope. So send your contact data in PM to me. I'll sell you my mount after the,work is,done. It's just shoots so well now, I hate to mess w it.

    Would like to test the 6.88" tapered barrel vs my 5.5" bull barrel. Which is better ? Yet, I've already added fiber optic front n "v" notch rear to 5.5" so it's not apple to apple comparison.

    Stock front sight on Ruger is "less than optimum." Don't know where to get a replacement for just the front. If interested, see my post on fiber optic replacement. It's a WIP so far.