Ruger MK l Standard Extraction Issues

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    Went to the range today and had some disappointing results! I was shooting Federal Champion 510s, and could not go through a clip without a problem. Ejection problems to say the least. Every extraction issue I had, had to do with the brass case still halfway into the chamber. It would happen at least once from a 9 shot clip. Brought it home and had a look. Everything looked good. Manually fed both a spent and live round into the chamber (after taking it apart) and found that each brass case did not stick. I have replaced the extractor with a stock factory one with same results. Feed ramp is smooth, clips are good. Ammo not binding in them, and the gun was cleaned from my last time out.

    I am thinking of putting in the volquartsen extractor but Midway and others say that the one they have only fit the 10-22, Mark ll and Mark lll. Will this one work in my gun? And more importantly, do you think it will fix the problem?
  2. hiwall

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    I have my doubts about the extractor fixing the problem. In theory, it should shoot fine without an extractor as it is a straight blow-back action. Try different ammo before anything else. Then try with each of your magazines.

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    Try Hiwall's suggestions. The ammo in particular can make a huge difference. I had some issues once w/ some steel cased ammo that would stick in the chamber. It just hated that ammo. everything else has worked fine. I'm a CCI man myself, It's about the best compromise in my guns. YMMV.

    FWIW, the extractor appears unchanged from MK1 to MK3. Ruger shows them all to be the same part anyway.
    So... following that bit of logic, the Volquartsen extractors should follow the same pattern. If in doubt, call Volquartsen directly & confirm.