Ruger Mk III or 22/45

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  1. Yeti

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    I have made my discision i will purchase a MK III or a 22/45. I want your guys's opinions. I like the grip angle of the 22/45 but, i don't like the fact that it has no weight to it. I like the way the mark III looks and feels but, the grip angle is kind of "sharp." I want to know your opinion.
    It's between a Mark III standard blued with a 5.5 inch barrle and a 22/45 with 5.5 inch bull barrle.
  2. Rick1967

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    I have a 22/45. I love it. Pain in the butt to strip. After about 8 years of owning it I still need the manual to put it back together. I guess I don't do it enough. But that is the only negative thing I can say about it. I shoot any brand of ammo out of it. No problems. When it starts to get picky that means it needs to be cleaned. I have seriously shot thousands of rounds between cleanings. Really awesome gun. Super accurate. Super reliable. Nice and light. A 22lr doesn't need to be heavy. If you buy one you wont be sorry.

  3. therewolf

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    I like my MKII, so I am obviously biased.

    They are both good.

    The advantage both weapons have over

    the rest of the market is the Nambu-style slide.

    This makes it possible to mount your optics at

    the back of the receiver, which makes it a 50-100

    yard plinker.

    There is so little difference, besides the grip angle.

    So, it looks like you have to decide, based solely

    upon your personal choice of grip angle.

    Judging by your preferences, I'd say the 22/45.
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  4. TimKS

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    Great, I'm glad you've made a decision. I don't mean to put you down at all, but next time let's try to do these decisions in one thread.......three are tough to follow. :) I hope you enjoy your new Ruger.
  5. Yeti

    Yeti New Member

    Okay, hahaha.
  6. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    I had the same Question before i bought. I ended up buying a 22/45 target; model number 10158. It's got a 5.5" bull barrel, target sights and (the clincher for me) removable grip panels. The bull barrel gives the pistol PLENTY of weight even given its poly lower, it is super reliable and accurate and truly mimics my 1911's controls and weight. An since the 10158 has removable grip panels I am having my guitar tech, who is a master luthier, woodworker and skilled incredibly in marquetry, make me a pair of custom grip panels for it.
    I felt this model was the best of them all...for me. And yes it is a bear to field strip. But I knew that going in, and rose to the challenge.
  7. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i bought a Mk III 22/45 Target model a couple of years ago. great pistol and very fun to shoot. accurate too.

    my only regret was not buying one sooner. over the years i had wnated to buy one of the Ruger pistols, but some reason just never did. something else always came along that i bought instead. well a couple of years ago, at my LGS i was looking at some that had just arrived the previous day and were being put out on display. after handing it for a bit and looking at the price, i bought it. very please with mine. i just think about all the fun shooting i missed out by not buy one years earlier.

    they can be a bit of a pain to strip down the first few times when new, but get easier the more it's done. lots of good YouTube videos on how to strip them down for cleaning or repairs.
  8. sharpshooterassassin

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    Bought a Ruger MKlll 22/45 Target Model. Yes at first it was a PITA to take it apart and put it back together whenever it was time to clean it. But, after a half dozen times, it gets a lot easier. The gun just needs to be broken in. Eats up every kind of ammo I've put in it. Copper Round Nose, Hollow Points, Lead Nose. Every grain and brand. Have had a couple of stove pipes out of 600 rounds or so, but every pistol isn't perfect. But this is close IMO.
  9. indy36

    indy36 New Member

    I've got one. My favorite gun. Fun fun fun.
  10. Sigrude

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    Can you tell me the model number for your Pelican case?
  11. chloeshooter

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    Ever clean one? Worse break down ever. Simply retarded. Had the 22/45 and could not wait to get rid of it. Get a SR 22 is my advise
  12. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    The Mark III, because it has a steel frame.

    The 22/45 was intended for someone who is committed to a 1911 but wants to practice for less. Today the 1911 .22 replicas are common and affordable, so the 22/45 no longer matters as a 1911 trainer.

    With the Mark III, any combination of steel and light alloy is possible between the barrel and the frame.
  13. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    It is not as bad as it seems. I agree, if it were designed like this today, it wouldn't stand a chance to sell. But it is kind of grandfathered in, so people keep buying it since 1949. The Mark III remains, I think, the only all-steel 22 in production. If you are seriously into bullseye, it is a top contender for your $$.