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Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by jmedin, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. jmedin

    jmedin New Member

    New to Forum. I just ordered my Ruger Mini 14 tactical, with folding stock, can anyone give me some recommendations to improve it once I receive? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. havasu

    havasu Supporting Member

    I know very little about the Mini 14, but thought I'd welcome you here!

  3. CA357

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    Spend some time and read the threads here in the Mini 14 forum. There are some extremely knowledgeable people here.

    Welcome to the FTF. Please head over to the new member introduction forum and introduce yourself to the folks.
  4. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Oh, well; Welcome to the FTF!

    Leave it alone. If you want a tactical weapon, build an AR15. For what you would spend tricking out the Mini14, you could build a nice AR.
  5. rifleman55

    rifleman55 New Member

    Look at the threads on bedding the action and forend.
    Be sure the gas block is streight and correctly torqued, it has a big effect on the accuracy.
    When you go to pick it up, make sure the scope mount cuts are evenly cut on both sides and none are crooked. Ruger put out a large amount of rifles with badly cut mounts. If the mounts are off, do not take the rifle, have them get you another one.
    As you get it and shoot it some, see how it groups.
    Then if you have questions, ask.
    I'm a retired gunsmith and have tried about evething that you can do to a mini short of re barreling .
    I have a Mini Tactical that will shoot in the .09" range, 5 @ 100 yds with match bullets, but it took a lot of work to get it there.

    There are more than a few things that can be done to improve the accuracy.
    Really check the rifle carefully when you get it. Make sure the extractor pin that hits the back of the extractor is not messed up, many are.
    Ruger's QC has got very bad on the Mini's. If you get a good one, they can be made to be good shooters, but if you see anything wrong with it, do not accept it, especially the sight mount problem. If you find the scallops are cut wrong, whatever you do, do not accept the rifle.

    Go over the threads, if you still have questions, I'll be glad to help you get it fixed right. A good trigger job really helps a lot, but you have to be sure there are no problems with the rifle that would require that you return it to ruger first, because they will remove any modifications you have done if they take it in to fix it.

    Were it me, I would have bought another brand of rifle knowing what I know about the Mini. Too late, I already have it, so I made the best of it. If I ever break a FP, which happens, ruger does not sell them and will charge me to put the rifle back to stock before they replace the FP.
    You might want to make another choice if you can.
    While they are neat rifles, there are many things that are not pluses when it comes to a Ruger.
    Mine has the scope mounts cut wrong, I cannot mount a scope or put a scope rail on it. I sent it back to ruger, they said it was in spec. It cuts big cuts in a scope if you try to mount one. Ruger really left me hanging on this, I'll never buy another Ruger.
    I had to have a custom mount made and they are available from Farrel Mounts if anybody else needs one, they do not use the scallops.

    My Best, John K
  6. jmedin

    jmedin New Member

    Thank you John for the heads up

    I appreciate your help, I will definatley check it out
  7. KMO

    KMO Member

    Another rant from an AR cultist...Don't listen to that rubbish. Accessorizing your tactical Mini can be a fun experience. Ruger makes a few different tactical Mini's. If yours has no factory flash hider, you might consider upgrading the front sight with a muzzle brake/front sight combination. Try planning for optics that allow you to retain the use of your iron sights as well. The newer flanged barrel Mini's are as needful of a barrel stabilizer as the traditional barrel Mini's are, but consider one anyway, as they will help dissipate heat, and can act as another mounting platform as well. A trigger job is a nice improvement, even for a new rifle, and MasterPsmith here on this forum does excellent work. Hey, have fun with that Mini, and don't let the AR crowd get you down...;)
  8. jmedin

    jmedin New Member

    Thanks for the help

    My new mini showed up and the tactical version does have the flash suppressor. Looking forward to making it a shooter
  9. jismail

    jismail Member

    There are quite a few add ons for the Mini-14 that make the rifle a nice looking and very dependable shooter. Here is a picture of my tactical with the scout handguard and halographic sight.... I also have a scout scope (2.75x) that mount there also.