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    I have been going to the range with my father for the last couple of months. He has a new Ruger Mark III. We have put about 200 rounds thru it so far. I am not sure if it still needs some breaking in but it continues to have fail to feed and stove pipe issues on about every other clip. We have been shooting stingers, lapuas and even the cheap stuff. At what point do we take it back to the gun shop and complain?
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    I'm not very 'expert' but I do have a Mark II. I think 200 rounds is not nearly enough to break that gun in. Also, I think you just haven't found the right ammo for it yet. I use Federal bulk .22lr in a red box and I have had very good luck with it. My Mark II eats anything I have put through it. But I did buy it used and I do believe it has many rounds put through it. Some people have good luck with .22 CCI ammo. But for me, the Federal bulk in the red box works beautifully.

    What brands have you been using?

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    FIRST ,DON'T GO BACK TO ANY DARN GUN SHOP. CALL RUGERS CS LINE. I also have a mkIII and my wife a new 22/45. Hers runs good and mine was poop. Called ruger an talked a CS rep. He e-mailed me a shipping label sent a letter with pistol desribing the issues and dropped it at the nearest mail box shop that deals with ups. THE pistol was back in well under 2 weeks by UPS to my house and runs GREAT. Pay attention to your ammo too. Some is just to darn dirt to waist time shooting. Like remington