ruger m77 color?

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    Hey everyone,

    New to this great site! My Father-in-law has a Ruger M77 with the low-glare stainless finish. We are puting a muzzlebreak on it and would, obviously, like it to match. Having trouble finding a way to match this rare color. Any suggestions?

  2. dclevinger

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    Bead blasting the brake will probably come pretty close to matching. The best way to get it to match perfectly would be to re-bead blast the whole gun with the brake.


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    Brownells sells oven cure finishes and one of the colors is "stainless steel gray". The description says it's supposed to be a very good match for bead blasted matte stainless guns, hence the name. Might be worth a look, and it's only about $15 a can. BAKING LACQUER

    Dura Coat might be another option if you aren't opposed to a coating type finish. Through experience I can tell you the Duracoat is more durable, but a little more involved to apply. Not difficult though. If you call Lauer directly you might get a decent color match right off the bat. They offer MANY colors.
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