Ruger M-77 in 6.5X55

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    I just picked-up a new in the Box, Ruger RSI Stainless in my favorite cal. 6.5X55 Swed. Just happened to drive 800 miles to the Tulsa GS to sell a few extras and couldn't resist this. I e-mailed Ruger as to how many were made in 6.55 in the standard, how many were made in the RSI in stainless. I knew it was made in 08. Ruger would only say it was shipped in Oct 08 and can't release production #s of various models. OK, There is no info at all in the 08 catalogs even showing the 6.5, let alone the Stainless RSI. I even checked some old distributor catalogs and nothing. Anybody have any info on where I can find out who they were made for and how many and how much $ ???
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    Who cares! as long as she shoots strait.

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    Haha! Exactly.

    I am very jealous. 6.5x55 rocks.