Ruger LCP pre-recall with 373 serial number?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by carryad, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. carryad

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    I am looking at buying a Ruger LCP from an online seller. The seller is the second owner of the gun. The pictures he posted of it show a 373 prefix serial number, which I thought were all post recall. But he advised that the previous owner told him the gun was sent in and had recall work done. I asked him about this, and he said he will check to see when he gets home if it has the Ruger stamp indicating a fixed recall.

    Is it possible for a 373 prefix serial number LCP to have been recalled?
    Also, is it preferable to have a post recall LCP versus a pre-recall LCP which has been fixed, or does it not matter?

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  2. NGIB

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    Call Ruger and ask? Just saying...

  3. stalkingbear

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    I have an LCP with 370 prefix and it was recalled. To my understanding the 373 was definitely post recall. Anything 372 (maybe 371) or higher was post recall. I can't tell any difference in trigger pull or operation from pre and post recall. It don't matter if you get a recalled gun or a post recall gun-they'll be the same. Like NGIB said-call Ruger and ask if you're not sure.
  4. carryad

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    Turns out I got myself all confused. It was two different LCPs I was looking at, and I forgot I had emailed two different people, so I got myself mixed up :eek:
    Thanks for the help guys :D
  5. raveneap

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    Any older LCP (370xxxxx usually) that's had the factory modification will have a small black triangle on the backstrap just below the hammer. Picture on Ruger website.