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Ruger LCP is Back...

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A perfect companion....Fits in most any pocket, purse, etc. Mine shoots everytime, so far... I have never seen such a waiting list on any pistol in all my life...Please correct me if I am wrong...When you realize just how many people want one of these, ya start thinking you had better get one too...LOL.
I sent mine back to Ruger the 24th of Dec. It came back the 2nd of Jan. What a deal...I could not believe it came back so quick. Especially with two holidays mixed in the time frame...Now that is a good company.
Below is what I was told was done to mine. And I had asked about dry firing the LCP...Not that I do that a lot, but it is most always in the cocked position.

We did replace the hammer, hammer catch, trigger bar and in some cases the hold open. We also lengthened the throat of the barrel's chamber to accommodate certain ammunition that is loaded to a longer overall length. it is also OK to dry fire the LCP without damage.

If you need further information, please visit our website at or contact us at:

Revolvers, shotguns, rifles, 10/22 Charger Pistol: (603) 865-2442
Pistols: (928) 778-6555
Serial Number History Information: (603) 865-2424
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