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    Recommended? - YES!
    Company Website -
    Manufacturer - Ruger

    Model: LC9
    Maker: Ruger
    Wt.: 17.1Oz.
    Barrel: 3.12" Steel Alloy
    Slide: Hardened Alloy
    Capacity: 7+1
    Width: 0.90"
    Twist: 1:10" Right Hand
    Finish: Blued
    Length: 6.00"
    Height: 4.50"
    Sights:Adjustable 3-Dot Std. Available with Crimson Trace Or Lasermax
    Grips: Glass Filled Nylon
    CA Approved: Yes
    MA Approved: No
    MSRP: $449.00
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  2. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    BY Dr. Bill Chachkes(Dr. Football)
    When I went shopping for a new CC/Back-up .9mm, my first consideration was ofcourse, size. I wanted a pocket sized compact/sub-compact .9mm as I had made the switch long ago from carrying my Combat Commander .45 daily. I already had two S&W .9mm\'s as well as a Beretta and a Taurus also in .9mm. I was lucky to be able to buy 2 Rugers at once, and I already wanted the SR9 so the LC9 was the \"gravy\". This was last year when prices were still normal, so both guns we\'re just a bit over $1,000.00 with Tax!

    Getting it to the range for it\'s first firing session was great because I was shooting at our new indoor range of choice, and would get some \"tips\" from the in-house staff of hobbyists and gunsmiths. \"Steve\" is the RSO, and the first to notice it during \"Inspection\" (they ask to see what your shooting and to check that your ammo is not Armor piercing-otherwise you can shoot anything including +P\'s). He was Impressed \"that\'s the same size as My wife\'s SIG in .380\" Yup.

    When you take this gun out of the box the first thing you notice is the grip. It\'s very slim, so much in fact that most .22 semi-autos are thicker. (My Chiappa M9-22 is a full sized Beretta copy, and my Wife\'s Browning Buckmark is also much thicker) The grip is small yet comfortable, and more so with the Fingergrip extensions.

    I purchased 2 extra magazines in the store when I purchased both guns(and 3 spares for the larger SR9) so the shop owner was nice enough to install the fingergrip extensions for me, and showed me how to do it for future reference.
    I now have 5 Magazines, 3 with the extended grip and two flush-fit. Although I have heard some reports of issues with some magazines, I have had none in almost 10 months since I purchased this model. Although I have not yet \"benched\" this gun on a rest, I have shot it both in weaver stance and one handed both left and right(note,..this is not set up well for southpaws as the saftey latch is on the left!! I happen to be somewhat ambidextrous). I started with 2 shot and 3 shot groups and 5,6,7,8, 9, and 10 Yards,..about 2 magazines at each distance. I found out to Ten yards, this gun is very accurate. The sights allow for a clear view even in low light settings. I consistantly got groups of under 2 inches and even smaller at 15ft.(5 yards). After 10 yards, what you would expect happens, the groups get wider apart,..but still a respectable 3 to 3.5 inches out to 15 yards. This is acceptable for a 3-1/8th inch barrel. If fed the proper ammo, this baby will shoot all day. My only Jam(FTF) came after 1 & 1/2 Magazines of Federal 124 Gr. JHP\'s.
    Put just about any 115 Gr. Ball ammo in this gun and she will go all day. My first time out I shot 125 total rounds, 100 Ball and 20 assorted JHP\'s, and five remington \"ballistclean\" flat nose 100 gr. rounds,...with just the one jam(one of the JHP\'s).

    Over successive trips to the range in the last 5 months I have put well over 500 more rounds(different makes of FMJ) and it seems to favor PMC Silver and Bronze ammo the most, although I have also put 50 rounds of Remington FMJ as well.

    It helps if you can try out a firearm before you buy, and my shop where I bought this and the larger SR let me shoot 1 magazine each in their \"trap room\" for a \"make sure\" feel. See photo attached of the LC9 next to the SR9 after a full cleaning with mags out. Takedown for cleaning is not hard, but don\'t loose your manual, and make sure you get a digital copy from as well...

    There are a wide range of Holster options for the LC9, and most LCP holsters will also fit the LC9 as well.
    My two choices thus far are the Blackhawk #3 pocket Holster for inside my \"Man-Bag\" or the DeSantis Insider for beltclip use. Sadly the DeSantis does not have a \"sweat guard\" so I like to pull the boxers up just a bit beyond the waistline so the top of the gun touches the fabric and not skin.(note-Big Dogs Brand Boxers are cut a bit fuller for the \"Bigger Dog\";-)

    My wife joked the other day that since I recently lost a great deal of weight that she couldn\'t tell if I had the LC9 on my belt(she is a cop\'s daughter & sister and she kinda notices those things!) If you plan to carry insde the waistband, make sure you get at least one double magazine carrier. I have a double and 2 extra singles, allowing me to carry all 4 of my spares(36 rounds total with one in the chamber) if I choose, and I usually do.

    The only folks I don\'t suggest getting this gun are folks with \"Very Small\" hands(smaller then mine) and people with wrist issues or Carpal Tunnel syndrome(My Wife has it in both hands, and can shoot her .357\'s all day, but she managed just one round through the LC9, leading me to another trip to one of our local shops to get her something a little more managable(a Ruger LCR .38+p model-coming in a future review!)

    If I could add a few things to this gun, it would be a slightly thicker palmswell in the grip, but I have seen these as an after market add-on. The magazine extensions help a bit to relieve the \"Jump\" of recoil that you should expect with any compact/sub-compact in a major caliber. Also a little more \"grip serations\" on the rear of the slide would help folks with smaller fingers(it took me until the second time out to get the \"hang\" of it). I will be adding an after market laser to be mounted on the frame\'s right side shortly but for about 150 dollars more you can order your LC9 with Crimson Trace or Lasermax installed ahead of the trigger guard.

    If you are looking for a compact/sub-compact/pocket sized .9mm you found it, but like any new gun, you need some practice with it.
    (final Photo-The LC9 on my \"Bench\" on the front porch of my house with the Blackhawk#3 pocket holster)

    Edit 12/14/13 Update: I can finally say that The Extended 9Rd. Magazine for the LC9 is a winner as well. The Grip frame extension doesn\'t just hold 2 extra rounds, it also fills the hand even better... reliablity is 100% of what you expect from RUGER! Price Payed: $449.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Small, light & compact .9mm based on the successful Ruger LCP .380. Even& crisp trigger pull, Magazines can have an extended fingergrip attached in just a few minutes. Ruger is coming out with extended 9 round magazines for this model. Loaded chamber indicator in bright red! Cons: Can be a handful for someone not used to small guns "jumping", Needs a good solid grip, and the magazine finger grip extension helps. Can't shoot a steady diet of +P's. Slight space between slide and frame can be a concern if you get the gun too dirty. Synopsis: A farily new offering in the compact .9mm realm, but it takes a bit of getting used to...