Ruger LC9 vs Kahr PM9

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    As one who feels that 9mm is the absolute minimum round for personal defense, I chose the Kahr PM9 over the "3 years ago crop" of .380 noisy crickets. At that time the SOLID sub compact 9mm market for guns with great triggers and ergonomics was fairly limited with prices ranging from $600 up to over 1k. Manufacturers are now recognizing the demand for more cost effective sub compact 9's with triggers that don't SUCK.;) Ruger has brought out the LC9 and Kahr is introducing the new CM9, basically a PM9 with fewer bells and whistles which will place it squarely in the same $400 range as the Ruger.

    I came across this size comparison chart and thought the forum would appreciate the info.

    This chart shows that Kahr will continue to own the "most compact" label but I'm sure we'd all like to hear from anyone who's shot the LC9 directly against the new Kahr CM9 for some feed back on controllability and trigger pull.


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    I haven't shot both. However, I've looked at both. Having held the both side by side and examining them I must say that the PM9 just seems like a better build gun. It's smaller, and easier to conceal. Plus, I didn't like the LCP and I certainly didn't like the way Ruger handled the issues.

    It's one thing to have a product with issues. I can look past that. I can not forgive a company that stands behind their product. I've found that Kahr does stand behind their product.

    I ended up with a PM9. As you said the CM9 is just a PM9 without some of the frills and one less magazine. Between the that and the Ruger, I would take the Kahr, hands down.


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    I like the look and size of the kahr, but I owned 2 kahr's, and both were jam-a-matics. And I found Kahr customer Service to be Pathetic. I have a pair of LCP's that I really like, so I will get a pair of LC9's
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    I'm thinking "Kahr folks" are gonna like the Kahr's, and "Ruger folks" are gonna' prefer the Ruger offerings...

    And the Rohrbaugh folks are gonna laugh at what the peon's are buying... :)

    I've considered a Kahr of one type or another for decades, but for one reason or another just never had one call my name loud enough.

    On the contrary, I've owned Rugers for roughly 40+ years and never had a bad one. :D

    Between my wife and myself we have three LCP's, and all three functioned perfectly right out of the box.

    I have 6-7 9MM pistols, and I was not in the market for another one, but my buddy bought an LC9 and let me shoot it, and I'm telling ya, it's a sweet little pistol.

    So, I bought one and it has been perfect right out of the cheap white cardboard box, and the accuracy, at self defense distance, is amazingly good..

    I don't know how good the little Kahr is... I'm guessing very good. But for MY needs in a self defense weapon,and that is, absolute reliability, self defense accurate, and reasonable compact size for cc the Ruger LCP (@ $365.00 no less) is perfect.

    (The LC9 is actually MORE than self defense accurate.. At 7 yards I can shoot a group than can be covered with 50c piece, and that's as good as my HK P2000sk can do for me..)

    And my 4 decade history of owning Rugers, all excellent, made buying the diminutive Ruger LC9 a very, very easy decision..

    Just glad we are offered choices, and I'm sure those folks who buy the Kahr will be well served...

    Just no more served than I am with the LC9..

    No offense, just conversin'..

    Best Wishes,


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    >>I'm thinking "Kahr folks" are gonna like the Kahr's, and "Ruger folks" are gonna' prefer the Ruger offerings<<

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones since I've got 'em both and like 'em both! :)
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    We have a winner!:D:D:D

    Best Wishes,