Ruger lc9 report

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Lessdragon, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Lessdragon

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    So I have brought my LC9 to the range a couple of times now and put a couple of hundred rounds through and had no ftf or ftes. The trigger has a really long travel distance and a relatively heavy trigger pressure. All in all its a great little gun with no problems and if you can find a place that sells them for under 425 then I say go for it if you need a compact gun
  2. headhunter

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    A friend brought one along and I too had a chance to shoot several magazine through it. I was sorrily unimpressed. Numerous failures to feed were encountered and accuracy wasn't impressive. Least I be accused of being anti-Ruger, I fell in love with the SR9c he also brought along and am very happy with the 5 Ruger handguns I do own.

  3. kayakdave

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    I bought my LC9 in June and I am glad I did. I got it for concealed carry and use a Remora holster. You wouldn't know it was there and I sometimes forget it is! (not really but it is comfortable) Over 700 rounds through it without an ftf or misfire.