Ruger-keltec .380

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    After shooting both RUGER LCP & KELTEC .380's...Both guns fling brass into the next county or time zone...Shooting Winchester .380 ball ammo,Trying to find all the spent brass is crazy..."LOCKED BREECH" design,does this have to do with flying brass???...or springs???...:confused::confused::confused:
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    A heavier recoil spring should/could help if they're available.

    I've used the the brass catcher linked below a couple of times now, it works but is a little uncomfortable. Still beats looking for Makarov brass 40+ feet away from my lane. The little CZ82 hit my friend in the face with brass while he was shooting the 50 yard lane and I was on 10 yard. I've shot a Bersa Hi-Cap and a couple of other 380's and they didn't fling brass as bad as the Makarov, they would drop brass around 8-12 feet away. I haven't had a chance to shoot the Ruger or Kel-Tec though.

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    My range has lane barriers on both sides so I have never noticed my Elsie Pea flinging brass any farther than my feet.

    So I guess my response is: I have no information to help you out. Well, that was helpful.