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    the blued, left handed model.

    my LGS has one for 899. i fondled it today. and i was really tempted.. but i figured i should get some info first.

    so i figured i'd ask you guys if you have exprience with it.

    I also will list what i think the pro's n con's Are
    pro ....... con
    can always use one more ......... wifey doesnt think so
    i wanted another .308 bolt gun ........ this one is left handed
    its really sexy ............ price.
    i already have ammo and reloading gear ......... its light = more felt recoil.
    it felt really nice to shoulder
    the iron sights were nice.
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  2. Garadex

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    My answer depends on how bad your wife's wrath would be.

  3. mdauben

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    Certainly, if the gun appeals to you and you want one there's no compelling reason not to buy. Ruger is a quality company that stands behind their products and I have heard few if any functional complaints about the GSR.

    That said, be aware that the GSR is a general purpose gun, which means it embodies quite a few compromises. If you are looking for a hunting rifle, the GSR is rather heavy and the forward scope mount somewhat limits your scope selection and magnification. The detachable magazine can also be problematic and you certainly don't need the flash hider.

    If you are looking for a SD rifle, most people would not choose a bolt action these days (although admittedly most armies were using them through WWII).

    Of you want a target rifle for the range the barrel is arguably too short and too light. Again, the forward scope mount isn't ideal for target use.

    I'm not trying to run down the GSR. I'd rather like to have one myself. I just want you to be aware of the drawbacks before you buy.
  4. 1411

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    I like mine. Worked up some lighter range loads, yet to shoot them.

    $899 is more than I paid, attempt to haggle. There is wiggle room there.

    Your wife will forgive you
  5. jjfuller1

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    thanks for that. i had forgotten to consider what i wanted it for.

    SD, not so much. i dont want to use a .308 bolt to clear my living room with. overpenetration and slower second shot is not my idea of fun.

    hunting. yes i would very much like to use it for hunting. mostly deer, but will shoot a cyote, fox, woodchuck and rabbit if given the chance. most of my shots are under 100 yards where i hunt.

    target, i hadnt considered the scope mount position and barrel length.

    i really want this type of rifle... but for now i think i will wait for a right handed one. and after i get a few other firearms.... its definately on my list now though

    i'm not good at that. lol but i could try.