RUGER customer service 2 THUMBS UP!

Discussion in 'Company Review Forum' started by hawkguy, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. hawkguy

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    48 far! :p

    i have a faulty bx-25 mag that i had tested in several ways to be sure it was the magazine that was causing so many malfunctions. well, there is not doubt at this point that it is a defective magazine (my other b-25 is flawless).

    i emailed ruger with no details and just asked if they would replace the magazine i felt was defective. they replied in a fairly quick manner, asked no questions, and just told me to send the mag to them for replacement.

    i will return and report if they followed through and replaced as they said they would. as of now, i give their customer service 5 stars! :) i appreciate companies that stand behind their product so i wanted to report the positive experience.

    EDIT NOTE: i had called ruger before and felt the experience was mediocre. this contact was through email, and it was outstanding. i can't speak in this post of their phone services at this time. also, in the past i have some issues with their policies, but i feel it is only fair to report this positive experience.
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  2. JonM

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    They will fix it.

    Service with ruger sometimes depends on who your talking with but it eventually ends up well.

    I give ruger a 9 of 10 simply because you occasionally get someone that gives you the runaround.

  3. KingGlamis

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    Great to hear, hope it all works out well for you.
  4. boatme98

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    I've used Ruger customer service twice in about 30 years (last time 4years ago) and have nothing but good things to say about them.
    Both times were over the phone, talking to actual people. We probably spent more time b.s.'ing about where we lived and what we shoot than actual business.
    I give Ruger 5 stars for both their weapons and their customer service.
  5. string1946

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    I have only used their CS twice. I sent a Single Six back because every cylinder full of 22lr I would have at least two split cases. The fitted a new cylinder right away. Also I sent a Ruger .44 carbine back to have it refinished and they did that at no charge to me. Thats one reason I have a bunch of Rugers.
  6. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    ruger treated me right!

    just a follow up.

    i got my NIB BX-25 replacement in the mail today.

    thanks to the folks at Ruger, who handled this problem RIGHT. :)
  7. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    dealt w/ruger customer service today again. no big deal. a very small, inexpensive part on my new mini 14 was slightly bent, making disassembly a bit harder than it should be. sub $10 part.

    i called, and they are sending me a questions asked whatsoever other than address and phone #.

    handled right, handled quick. another good job by ruger CS imo.