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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Yunus, Jul 18, 2009.

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    Finally had the chance to shoot this at 100 yards today and I have some pics. The only problem is that there were pretty high winds that were changing from about 5-10kts so its not the best results. Overall I am still happy with the gun but I would not recommend it for anything over 100 yards. The length of the barrel just reduces your accuracy to much. Also after more experience with this pistol I have decided, I do not like the pistol scope on it. A scope with a larger eye relief range would help the problem but I think an eotech style sight would probably be better and I am considering going that route.

    I need to test this with better ammo and better wind conditions to improve the results.

    The holes on the Shoot N see target are mine the ones behind it were from another set of shots. I was aiming directly at the eye of the prarie dog and my scope was zeroed in @50 yards. Ammo is Federal .22 hollow point (the cheap stuff) The hole in the upper right was not the gun or ammo but my arm moving right before the shot.

    For comparison purposes, this target was shot with a 10/22 with a 20" volquartsen heavy barrel, this person aimed for the center of the target because the gun was zeroed at 100 yards. They used the same ammo as me.
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    Yunus - Nice Range Report. Well done!

    I would say, with a "long" barreled pistol, at 100 yards, you shot pretty damn well without custom ammo to be honest.

    100 yards is a long ways with an underpowered round like the .22lr out of a 10" ( est. ) barrel and a semi auto action.

    Obviously the wind was a factor, but don't be too hard on yourself. I think in controlled environments, with some better ammo, you will see those groups tighten up.


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    Damned good grouping for 100 yd. pistol shooting!
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    Dont forget lots of practice!
    Good shooting. As long as you had fun, thats all that matters!

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    I am a good shot with a pistol, but I should mention this was using the stock bi-pod. It's a very heavy pistol to hold unsupported. The bottom target was shot from the unsupported position but that was from a real rifle.
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    I'd love to have one of those little guys, but the state of California has deemed them dangerous. Without the politicos doing their best to protect me from myself, I may have shot my eye out.
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    Updated RUGER CHARGER Post

    I bought one of these Ruger Chargers just before Christmas. I finally got to the gun range last weekend. I bore-sighted it at home at about 30 yards before I went to the gun range. It was impressively close! At 30 yards and shooting off-hand I could easily keep a 2" group, and I could keep less than an inch using the bi-pod.

    I put 1100 rounds through it the first day and not a single problem! I used 3 factory 10 round magazines, and 2 25 round Butler Creek magazines. I highly recommend using a speed loader!

    As you can see by the targets, this is a fairly accurate gun. Even at 50 yards it keeps a good group. And that was using cheap bulk ammo.

    For just plain ol' plinking this gun is fun and affordable! I did put a custom trigger assembly in mine just to lighten up the pull but it's certainly not necessary. I just like a very light trigger.

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