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    I'll post a range report when I remember to take a camera with me.

    I purchased the Ruger charger to fill a need of a semi-auto .22 that I was lacking. It meets that need quite well. The Charger is a 10/22 action with a medium heavy 10" barrel and pistol style stock. It is hard to fit the Charger into a category, it is not a pistol as it is to heavy to be compared to most other semi-auto .22LR pistols available and its not a rifle either and its smaller and shorter than any other .22 rifles out there. Maryland defines it as a pistol though.

    I have found it to be a very fun plinking piece. I paired it with a Bushnell 2X-6X variable pistol scope. I found the accuracy to be very good at up to 60 yards, I was shooting well 1" groups at that range with cheap .22 bullets (have not had a chance to go further with it). I won't go into detail on the action since its simply a 10/22 and there are millions of reviews of those. The stock fits nicely in your hand and is light enough to hit 1MOA at 50 yards with a 1lb scope on top but after 5 or 6 shots, I started to feel the weight and lost some accuracy shooting freehand. Luckily the Charger comes out of the box with a bi-pod which is fantastic. Assuming you have a bench or table to rest the gun shooting with a bi-pod provides rifle like accuracy with a 10" barrel gun. I don't know that I will be keeping the pistol scope however. Due to the weight of the gun with scope, holding it with 1 hand arm extended doesn't work very well. Being that it's a .22 I feel a rifle scope might pair with this gun better and using 2 hands and holding it close to the eye, there will be little worry of getting bit by the scope with .22 kickback being minimal.

    Fun to shoot,
    somewhat unique design (not original but not common),
    can fill a a spot in your collection as a pistol or rifle,
    Reliable 10/22 action with lots of accessories available.

    Price ($350 out the door for me) not the most expensive but you could also get a 10/22 rifle from wal-mart for about half that.
    It's not a pistol or a rifle. If you are looking for one or the other specifically, look elsewhere. While its fun to shoot it is not as comfortable as a rifle or light as a pistol.

    Overall I am happy with the purchase, the only change might be trying an inexpensive 3-9X nikon rifle scope on it and see which I like better (pistol or rifle scope). I would consider a red-dot but they are less accurate than this gun at 60 yards and beyond so I feel I would be limiting myself.

    Any questions I would be happy to answer.

    Hey mods, I think I should have posted this in the .22 section. Can 1 of you be kind enough to move it if you agree. Thanks!
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    We have two at the shop and was wondering how they preform at 100 yards. Please keep the updates coming. I really didn't have any solid answers for the customers until now.
    Thanks, Joe