Ruger Carbines and twist rate??

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    I have an old model tube fed Ruger 44 carbine and a Deerfield. Everyone seems to think the 240 and over grain bullets work the best. I have some 180 Remington and some 200 grain Fiocchi that are pretty hot. Muzzle velosities are considerably higher.. That gets me to the twist rate. I know each gun is different but the design was probably considering 240's for the most part. I have not had a chance to test them yet because I am waiting on my scopes to arrive. But what is Y'all's opinion in this regard? This ammo shoots great in my 4" barrel pistol.
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    Normally the issue of twist rate affects shooting heavier bullets a lot more than going lighter. I shot a lot of 180gr Remington ammo in my Ruger carbine because for years it was my favorite little deer gun when hunting my own property and that round is deadly within 100 yards. They worked very well and within the limitations of the Ruger they shot pretty accurately.

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    Deerfield Carbine

    I have a Ruger Deerfield Carbine and the rifleing twist rate is one turn in 20 inches, the same as the Winchester 94 carbines. The rate for the Marlin 94 in 44 Mag is one in 38 inches.

    I also shoot 180 gr. loads from both my Deerfield and Win 94 Trapper. Usually UMC 180 gr. jacketed soft-points. Very accurate and devestating on white-tails.

    J. Budd
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    i run 240 and 300 grn soft points thru mine. they do well in the accuracy dept.