Ruger Bearcat

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by AKUltra, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. AKUltra

    AKUltra New Member

    I am thinking of getting a bearcat, I haven't used one in a while. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their bearcats?
  2. 1984cj

    1984cj New Member

    I don't own a Bearcat so this may not help you but.......
    I have a single six and a couple of blackhawks that work everytime with out a hitch. Good solid guns.

  3. sixgunsamori

    sixgunsamori New Member

    I'm on my second bearcat; I traded my blued new model and missed it so badly I bought the stainless version. Incredible little pistols! If forced to choose only one gun to carry it would be a toss up between my S&W kit gun and my bearcat. Absolutely the best for woodsbumming, fishing, backpacking, camping, and probably the very best way to teach a non shooter how. I can't say enough good things about them... in my experience they will outshoot the target sighted single six. Get one!