Ruger and S&W say No to California Handgun Roster.

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    MEANWHILE, there appears to be something of a revolt in progress by handgun manufacturers Sturm, Ruger and Smith & Wesson against the State of California’s microstamping requirement.

    Ruger has issued the following statement: “Ruger is committed to its customers in California. Unfortunately, the ill-conceived law requiring the incorporation of microstamping technology into semi-automatic pistols is forcing Ruger pistols off the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California. We are working hard to serve our customers in California and will do all we can to fight this draconian law. We continue to submit pistols to the independent test lab for testing and those pistols meet all the requirements of California in effect when the pistols first appeared on the Roster, i.e., everything except microstamping. We have been informed by the lab that the CA DOJ will not even consider these “new” pistols for inclusion on the Roster unless they satisfy the microstamping regulations, which numerous studies have found unworkable. Until microstamping is repealed, we expect that Ruger pistols – some of the safest available – will continue to be forced off the Roster.”

    Reports today in the Washington Times and other news agencies are quoting a statement from S&W President and CEO James Debney: “As our products fall off the roster due to California’s interpretation of the Unsafe Handgun Act, we will continue to work with the NRA and the NSSF to oppose this poorly conceived law which mandates the unproven and unreliable concept of microstamping and makes it impossible for Californians to have access to the best products with the latest innovations.”

    Ironically, it was just last August that S&W announced its five-year contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for – you guessed it – the M&P9 pistol.

    In its statement, S&W also noted, “This is not a problem unique to Smith & Wesson. The microstamping legislation and California’s position regarding performance enhancements and other improvements creates the same challenge for all firearm manufacturers, since presumably all of them refine and improve their products over time.”
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    God Bless S&W, Ruger and all the other companies that will follow their lead. Also Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms of Tennessee has also in the past stood their ground against the Comi State! And refused to ship guns to the state.
    Rock River Arms years ago refused to send the required amount of $1600 Custom 1911s to them so they could tear them up to say the guns were OK! Rock River the same as told them to PU a rope! And refused to do any handgun business with California. SO I am in full support of the manufacturers standing their ground. And if I am not mistaken California is or almost bankrupt! Well get it on! The shooting sport industry represents Billions of dollars to the state of California. Can anyone spell the word I-D-I-O-T-S! God Bless the good folks who have to live in this State and put up with the mentality level of it's government officials.
    We all should contact S&W and Ruger via Email and thank them for representing us and the Second Amendment.


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    while i am all for firearm companies using their economic clout to resist these lawmakers....who will really get burned here?

    i think it will be the gun owning citizens of california! after all, doesn't this get cali a step closer to completely disarming its law abiding citizens???? :confused:

    now, when they ALSO all unite & refuse to sell to any govern. agencies in the state as well....NOW you are on to something!!!! :D
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    I would think that if LE could not get ammo or guns (might never be the case but more difficult) the general populace would get concerned for their own safety. This law of microstamping will apply to any mfg so Ca will not have weapons - legal ones at least. Perhaps that is what you are alluding to in your 3rd statement.
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    I do support their pull out of California but I also hope that does also include law enforcement if I cannot purchase one then it should be for all people in California.

    Have they even developed microstamping yet if not its all un constitutional.

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    It isn't about microstamping itself...

    They know full well firearm manufacturers won't jump through any more silly hoops and the result is a de facto gun ban...poof, just like that, less guns coming into the state, ya know, for the children...:rolleyes:

    I really hope S&W stops selling to LE in CA, we'll see if they hold the line on this one. Didn't cause Barrett to go bankrupt, did it?

    I had a great PDF bookmarked on microstamping but for some reason, I can't pull it up...

    To summarize...

    1-Already tried and failed in NY and MD...

    2-Cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars...

    3-Failed to develop any usable database...

    4-Prevented zero crimes...

    5-Was a 'golden goose' for corrupt city officials who stole millions in false funding for the program...

    6-A 'technology' that is easily defeated by...
    a-changing the firing pin
    b-filing the stamp off of the firing pin
    c-after as little as 100 shots, the stamp become illegible
    d-useless on wheelguns and rimfire arms

    7-Can be used as a method of backdoor gun registration

    Now, with all this information available, why would legislators try to implement it again?

    Either they are complete and total morons who are devoid of basic knowledge, or this is a very clever rouse being used as a backdoor gun ban...

    After seeing the Kevin DeLeon video the other day, my money's on the former...;)

    This whole thing sucks out loud for the shooting community of CA and I'm pulling hard for some serious grassroots action, but this didn't exactly come about overnight...
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    In the interest of fairness, all bears should be re-engineered to leave microstamps when mauling, or at least some fart-propelled ID tag confetti like a tazer leaves.
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    And of course with all the background checks and other laws in place none of these new micro-stamped guns will end up being used for crimes.
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    Now if they stopped selling them to LEO then that would be great news. Disarm the police and in talking about all firearms manufacturers and only sell to civilians until the law is changed. Now that would certainly get their attention.
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