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While I've handled a few Ruger American, don't own one. Have monitored various gun websites for posts about the American since its introduction. Generally, the posts have been on positive side about the American from its owners....can't recall any negative post from one of its owners. I'd have one by now if it was available in a cartridge I wanted/needed.

Earlier reply suggested a Marlin X rifle. Own a couple of them and find them to be good shooters. Decent adjustable trigger on them. Think they have a varmit heavy barrel in 22-250. Own a heavy barrel Marlin .308 and it shoots well.

As to a scope, well, lots of brands and types to think about. But, bargain wise, you should take a hard look at an aspherical Weaver 40/44 model that is a 3.8-12x44 being sold by for around $120 plus shipping. Made in the Philippines. Rather good optics in it and it has an A.O. Natchez is selling it for around $70 less than anyone else. It has an aspherical lens system....thats based on a lens system developed for 35mm cameras a long time ago. Has very good brightness and clarity, but is limited to around 12 power max. Own one myself and find its optics quite good....heck of a deal at Natchez on them.
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