Ruger 44 mag carbine

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  1. Spanky

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    I am looking at a Ruger semi auto 44 mag. Are there any after market rotary clips available which hold 15 to 30 cartridges?
  2. fmj

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    Not that i have ever heard of. Only 4 rounders were ever produced to my (limited) knowledge. Buy the .44 and hunt up a few mags. if you need more rounds.

  3. Leathermarshmallow

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    I have the same rifle. I have killed a few deer with it, but you won't find hi cap mags for it. I saw a youtube video of a guy that fabricated his own 10 round mags, but they were not for sale.
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    Ruger made 4 diffrent .44 mag 'carbines'

    There was a YOU TUBE vid of a fella shooting a 9 shot mag in the Ruger 96/44, I saw it like last spring, its since been removed by the poster and the guy not contactable, nobody has been able to find out who made it or how many there were, or if they were even for stuff of urban legind I guess

    The first was the original that loaded like a pump shotgun and was a dead ringer for the 10/22 in a side by side comparison the bolt locks like a SKS, the model 77/44 bolt gun with detachable 4round rotary mag, next was the 96/44 leveraction that uses a 4 round rotary mag and locks up like the Kessler 56 levermatic 12gage shotgun its copied after and the 99/44 Deerfield that resembles .44mag version of the Mini-14 and uses the stock ruger 4 round rotary mag, ther was You Tube vid of a fella shooting a 6 round mag so I guess thers sombody making mags greater than 4 for the detachable ones.

    me with ruger 44 mag - YouTube good view of original fix mag .44 carbine
    [ame=] - Ruger 77/44 .44 Magnum Rifle - YouTube[/ame] the 77/44 bolt
    [ame=]Ruger 96 .44 Magnum carbine - a tribute - YouTube[/ame] the 96/44 lever
    [ame=]kick of the RUGER 99/44 mag - YouTube[/ame] shooting the 99/44 semi

    The original (1960/1970's era) .44 carbine gas system is tap's off a nipple up front the mag tube and two action bars along the tube mag work the bolt and thers the bolt return spring around the mag tube, so stuffing any more ammo in that cramped space is a moot point.How to Disassemble, Clean, and Reassemble a Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle. Disassembly, Cleaning, and Assembly Instructions With Photos

    I had a 1972 .44mag carbine and I could only get 3 in the mag + one in chamber, It was a bear to thumb them rounds in the mag
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  5. hardluk1

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    Why more rounds for the 44mag . 4 rounds is all you can use in most states to hunt with . Buy an extra mag or two for load loads if needed. And if you just want something to blaser with get a high point carbine in one of the calibers they offer. .