Ruger .327 Federal Magnum

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  1. Transman

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    I'm considering this as my first carry gun? Does anyone have any experience with it? From everything I'm reading it sounds pretty good.
  2. spittinfire

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    I've heard good things about the round itself but I think it would a poor choice for self defense. Basically you're carrying a .32 H&R's been around for years.
    Personally I would step that revolver up to a 357 mag and have a real man stopper or at least bring it up to a 38.
    If you like the auto options look into a 380 or 9mm, both will do more then the 327.
    I see the 327 as a nice small game/varmint round at best. I think it was a push for a new round that didn't need to exist.

  3. Transman

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    I have a deposit on the little Ruger 380 already,but wouldn't consider it my no.1 carry gun.I like the frame on the Ruger .327,and they have it in 357,but I've heard the 357 kicks pretty bad.I think I want to stick with revolver.I like the Taurus 4510 for the bedside drawer.
  4. Bighead

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    From my reading I would think the .327 to be a reasonable choice for a smaller self-defense firearm. The casing is longer & thicker than the 32H&R to handle pressures that double the H&R.

    Some of my reading compares the performance of the .327 to similarly weighted 9mm cartridges. The following velocity and energy information is from Speer Ammo - Home, and gives a metric to compare the different rounds. All are for Speer Gold Dot Hollowpoint ammunition tested in 4 inch barrels (they didn't have a chart for .327 in 2-inch).

    115 grain 9mm: Muzzle velocity 1210 fps. Muzzle Energy 374 ft/lbs.

    115 grain .327 Federal Magnum: Muzzle velocity 1380 fps. Muzzle energy 486 ft/lbs.

    125 grain .38 Special +P: Muzzle velocity 945 fps. Muzzle energy 248 ft/lbs.

    125 grain .357 Magnum: Muzzle velocity 1450 fps. Muzzle energy 584 ft/lbs.

    In 4-inch barrels, I think it is clear that .357 Magnum is the winner, and looking at ammunition performance alone, it would be my choice. But when you consider the firearm, for me the .327 seems to have a slight edge for small-frame detective revolvers. You get a 20% increase in ammunition over 38/357 (from 5 to 6), while maintaining respectible ballsitics and reducing recoil.

    Since the .357 Magnum's performance is degraded a bit out of a 2-inch barrel, I would be curious to see what the ballistics look like for the .327 out of a 2-inch. IMHO, based only on incomplete armchair research, I think the .327 would be a reasonable replacement for .38 Special in a snubnose.

    If you are hoss enough to carry full-house .357 Magnums in a pocket gun, then you may have some questions you need to ask yourself.
  5. Mark F

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    Personally, I can't find a purpose for the 327 Mag. I looked at them, handled them, and shot one. I was not impressed... at all.

    A box of 20 rounds of Federal premium ammo is $22.99 That AIN'T CHEAP!
    I can buy a lot of different varieties of .357 Magnum ammo for that, and even do better with 38 Specials!

    I doubt that this caliber will do much in the market place, kind of like the 10mm.
  6. GettingOld

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    That's for the Federal 327 mag 85g Hydra-shok. Yes it's expensive, but the 357 Hydra-shok is about the same price. The 100g JSP American Eagle is about half that price for range use. I've yet to get my hands on the 115g Speer ammunition.

    I've fired the 32 H&R Mag in this revolver, then followed up with the 327 mag 85g Federal Hydra-shok. The federal 327 is as much of a step up in recoil over the H&R mag as the H&R mag is over the 32 long.
  7. Hammerdown

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    Here is some Facts on the .327 Magnum velocity that I found Very sobering...Hammerdown

    Ballistics by the inch

    barrel length Federal
    85 gr.
    Hydra-Shok American
    100 gr.
    JSP Speer
    115 gr.
    Gold Dot
    18" 1910 2186 1880
    17" n/a 2158 1848
    16" 1900 2141 1894
    15" n/a 2128 1875
    14" 1869 2112 1816
    13" n/a 2072 1815
    12" 1838 2063 1785
    11" n/a 2023 1773
    10" 1803 1950 1738
    9" n/a 1957 1727
    8" 1752 1913 1681
    7" n/a 1874 1659
    6" 1675 1808 1639
    5" 1581 1701 1535
    4" 1462 1604 1451
    3" 1331 1398 1316
    2" 976 1056 1042

    3.0625" barrel 1385 1422 1356
  8. sthomper

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    2" cc barrels

    115 grain .327 Federal Magnum: Muzzle velocity 1380 fps. Muzzle energy 486 ft/lbs.....a 4" or 3" barrel???

    in a small, lightweight revolver for cc or backup what is desired???

    if not a large hole, certainly as good a penetrating bullet as can be to better hit internal organs to neutralize an assailant or roaming beast WITH an extra round.

    beyond the damage that a duty sized weapon would do the cc or backup to me would cry for a zippy penetrating round.

    if the 327 federal is a real cartridge and can best many 38 specials and offer an extra round in the cc/backup/pocket/purse revolver weapons that would seem to be a good thing.

    it may be that in such a weapon expansion would be secondary and a nasty pentaratrator for S.H.T.Fan scanario or lightweight/deep concealment carry would be sought for. maybe this round offers that.
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    Conflicting Report

    Sorry. Double post.
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    I am new to posting on the forum. FYI, I've been doing research on the .327 from short barrels since I picked up a Taurus M327 recently. I've noticed a great deal of conflicting data concerning the 2-inch performance of the round. I do not have a chrono or I'd run tests myself.

    For one extreme example of conflicting reports, the BBTI report lists the 85 gr Federal round as dropping from about 1330 fps in 3-inch config to about 975 fps in 2-inch config. That's a 350 fps drop in 1 inch. Meanwhile, reports here ( ) and here ( )--this latter report was mentioned above as well by a poster--suggest that real revolvers with approx 2-inch barrels generate around 1200+ fps with that round.

    The difference in these reports is massive. Perhaps the BBTI report has scared a lot of people away from the 2-inch config unnecessarily. For my part, the drop from 1380 fps in the SP101 3.06-inch gun to 1225 fps in the S&W 2.125 and Charter 2.2-inch guns seems much more reasonable than 350 fps drop reported by BBTI's tests with their barrels. I appreciate the BBTI work, but their report on the short-barreled performance of the .327 may be misleading.